Friday, July 26, 2019

Monday Creek Castle: Meet Our July Readers

Above: Zooming in to see everyone is reading, except Violet the Corgi. 
She’s looking for another book to read.

Welcome to Monday Creek Castle! Meet our amazing July readers, enjoying summertime with a good book.

Finny Frog – Finny likes the high castle loft. He enjoys reading mysteries. His favorite book is The Frog Prince by E.D. Baker. Finny’s hobbies include swimming, hopping on lily pads, and exploring the castle.

Binky Bear – A fan of the simple life, Binky enjoys honey, snuggling, and long winter nights. His favorite book is Terrible Troll by Mercer Mayer (it’s my favorite, too!). Have you read Terrible Troll? It will become one of your favorite books!

Violet the Corgi – Beautiful Violet! She is a bundle of joy and a friend to all! A good reader, Violet’s favorite book is Henry: The Queen’s Corgi, by Georgie Crawley. Violet likes to roam the castle grounds, patrolling the outer-limits in search of new friends.

Hermie Hedgehog – With all of his prickly spines, Hermie reads in his own special corner so he doesn’t accidentally poke someone. Hermie is known for his wild side – sometimes leaving the castle for adventures in the unknown. Hermie’s favorite book is The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum.

Fast Rabbit – True to her name, Fast Rabbit is a speed reader. She has read so many books, some books more than once! Her favorite book is Black Beauty by Anna Sewell. Fast Rabbit loves horses and she hangs out at the castle stables.

Ski Squirrel – Ski is famous for his winter antics; building igloos, skiing down slopes, building snowman, and sleigh riding. Ski loves books. He loves to read! His favorite book is Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown.

Every month, the characters of Monday Creek Castle will share the books they are reading with you! Want to be part of the Monday Creek Castle Reader’s Club? Send us an email and we will send you a free writing journal and sticker! 

Enjoy July!

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