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Meet Author Mary Whalen

Meet Author Mary Whalen
An Author Interview with Gina McKnight

From Ohio USA, Mary Whalen is the author of The Forgotten Rose, a heartfelt tale of planting, growing and blooming. Sincere and inspiring, follow along as the author tells the life of a rose, beginning in the Garden of Eden, reseeding throughout history, finally to modern times where the rose continues to represent love and beauty. 

Welcome, Mary!

GM: When did you realize you wanted to become a writer?
MW: In high school I always enjoyed reading and it sparked my interest in writing short stories.

GM: What is the premise for your new book The Forgotten Rose?
MW: It was a writing assignment during my senior year of high school. I wrote it to honor my grandmother.

GM: As a new published author, can you share your experience and your thoughts about the publishing process?
MW: It was more complicated than I thought it would be but satisfying to see the finished product.

GM:  Who is your favorite author? why?
MW: My favorite author is the one whose book I am reading at the time. Harper Lee is one of my favorites.

GM: What are you currently reading?
MW: The Life She was Given by Ellen Ruth Wiseman.

GM: What are you currently writing?
MW: I am working on a couple of short stories.  Once I get an idea, I start the writing process and go back to refine it.

GM: What advice do you have for novice writers?
MW: Just write your thoughts, ideas, or story lines and go from there.  Getting started is the hardest part.

GM: List 10 things your fans may not know about you...

I'm an introvert except with my family.

I like flowers, animals and nature.

I believe in angels and Heaven.

My favorite vacation is going to the ocean.  It is so relaxing.

I enjoy cooking especially making a big pot of sloppy joes for my grandchildren.  It is their favorite.

I went to school in a two-room schoolhouse, second through sixth grade.  It had an outhouse that was painted white.

When I was young my favorite instrument was the accordion, but I never learned to play one.

Once my Mom put henna on my hair.  I slipped in extra henna and my hair turned bright orange.  I could have done an ad for Wendy's!

My first car was an old Rambler station wagon.

Both my children were born on the same day, five years apart.

I was widowed at age 42.  My husband passed away with cancer shortly after he was diagnosed.

The Forgotten Rose was published October 2018 (Monday Creek Publishing) and is available in paperback from Barnes and Noble. For a signed copy by the author, please send an email to mondaycreekpublishing@gmail.com.

Right: A photo of Mary Whalen at home with her book The Forgotten Rose

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