Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Trust 'n Horses: A Guide to Successful Trust-Based Horsemanship and Life by Franklin Levinson

Trust ‘n Horses
A Guide to Successful Trust-Based Horsemanship and Life

Horses need to trust they are safe in order to thrive. Without this trust in their safety, they will never relax, cannot learn, and will be forever nervous and anxious. This constant anxiety will cause undesirable and dangerous behavior for both the horse and the humans involved with it. Trust ‘n Horses explores the subject of trust and how it relates to domesticated horses, their training and their lives in the world of humans. This subject is addressed in a grounded, pragmatic style of writing, that is easily understandable and logical. It is a great resource for any horse lover.

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About the Author
Franklin Levinson has been a professional horseman for nearly 50 years. At 13 years of age, he was the youngest registered polo player in the US. In his early 20s, he created and ran equestrian programs at large summer camps in North Michigan. He has always taught success with horses to be a life-enriching process for both horse and human and that horses are never naughty or bad. In his teaching, he states, “All unwanted behavior from a horse is a symptom of the animal’s fear and never deserves punishment.” He is adamant about humans not merely ‘using’ horses for selfish enjoyment. Franklin’s goal is that the horse and human become partners through the inspired and excellent leadership of the human.

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