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Milliron Monday: Strong Bow 7 2 18

Abbott Pliny Smith, III
Date of Birth: June 16, 1938
Birthplace: Augusta, Maine
Father: Abbott Pliny Smith, II
Mother: Elizabeth Cooper Saunders Smith
Physician: Dr. L. D. Herring, MD
State of Maine
Certified Abstract of Record of Live Birth

Like arrows in the hand of a warrior,
so are children of one’s youth.
Psalms 127:4

Today, we celebrate Milliron Monday and the life of Dr. Abbott “Pete” Smith III. Last year, the release of Dr. Smith’s biography Milliron: Dr. Abbott “Pete” Smith D.V.M. The Biography was welcomed by many. The photo above is of Pete and his mother Betty.

Pete was born in Augusta, Maine, surrounded by seascapes and culture. Interviewing siblings about Pete’s early years was enjoyable; like most scenarios, there were several viewpoints to one life event. Weaving Pete’s childhood back together took many months, if not years of interviewing and writing.

The story of Pete’s paternal grandparents was difficult, at first, to follow, as it was filled with “Abbott Pliny” I, II, III, and today, where it is a joy to sit and talk with IV and V. A grand heritage of “Pliny” – however, Pete wasn’t thrilled about his middle name, and when he was young, wrote it on the back of a turtle, hoping the turtle would take it away. Pete’s heritage is filled with entrepreneurs, writers, bankers, businessmen, polo players, Bates and Harvard graduates, painters, and deep thinkers.

Writing an outline for Pete’s biography, it was clear to me that Chapter 1 required a strong title. In Pete’s speech at his father’s memorial, he referred to his father as a Strong Bow. In a way, Pete had written the title himself, and I would like to believe that if Pete wrote his own story, he would have chosen Strong Bow for the title of Chapter 1…

It was bittersweet news that Dad’s ordeal was finally over so he could move on. He definitely was a mover, and undoubtedly will continue to evolve on a more cosmic level. He always had a solid faith and involvement with the Episcopal Church. As a result, I have been able to draw comfort and inspiration from it, too. I am grateful to have been raised in Dad’s chosen church. I always appreciated the opportunity to grow up in the rural environment of a large farm on the Maine Coast which he and Mom provided and which incidentally remains virtually unchanged today as a sort of serendipitous memorial. Dad saw that I grew up imbued with classical music em­bellished by enough piano and trumpet lessons to at least understand that good music doesn’t just happen. My home and life were filled with wonderful books, reference materials and suitable mythological heroes (as perfect heroes must be). I was also provided with lots of occasions to contemplate due to the isolation provided by the setting and Maine winters coupled with the focus and simplicity provided by poverty, albeit only poverty of the economic sort. Dad lived to see five children grow up tall and strong in body, mind and spirit – each unique and happy. It was a strong bow from which we were shot, and he deserves credit for our happiness today.

We remember the legacy of Dr. Pete Smith and his contribution to living. He was a smart arrow shot from a strong bow. Read more about Pete in his biography, available from AmazonBarnes & Noble, or locally at Little Professor Book Center, Athens, Ohio. If you have a copy, write a review. Books do not have to be purchased online to write a review.

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