Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Rhythm of Life by Claudia Ciugudean, D.V.M.

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The Rhythm of Life
By Claudia Lorena Magda – Ciugudean, D.V.M.
Alba lulia, Transylvania, Romania

It will take you only a jump to get on the saddle, then you’ll feel your body filled with emotions, butterflies which pass beyond the soul.

A strong nicker, followed by a certain familiar rhythm… a deja vu from your mother’s womb. It has always been there, it’s the rhythm of your life, the rhythm which takes you to your past and then throws you into the future… it’s when you discover yourself, without rhythm you’re nothing but an empty body. If you want to find yours, ride a horse, but not any horse, but the one which has your heartbeat and you’ll be the only one capable to recognize it.

So, jump on the saddle, slack the reins and start galloping towards where your soul wants to be. Leave behind any regrets, worries or unfulfillments. Gallop with our arms wide open, with your eyes shut, so that you hear better the rhythm of your mother’s womb, your rhythm, your horse, your soulmate.

Every person has its own horse and their hearts beat like one the moment they meet. Give yourself the chance to find that rhythm!

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