Saturday, April 7, 2018

Jason Nocera, Professional Cartoonist

Professional Cartoonist

The perfect gift for Father's Day!
The perfect gift for any occasion!

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"Where are we going today?" would be the first words she would say to his wife when she woke up. His wife would work in the evenings and take care of their daughter during the day. That meant she had to be the event organizer because everyday was an event with their 3 year old daughter. She took her to "play bloop" which is how she said "play group." She took her to "imaginationation nation" which is how her daughter called the local child science center. (It's simply "Imagine Nation"). She took her to the library. She took her to the playground. She took her everywhere! Then there was the homemade meals and the reading of books. She did a lot. She was a Super Mom!

A Super Mom would make a cute comic strip. Instead of fighting evil villains, though, it would highlight her personal story with her daughter. It would celebrate it so she could look back on those years and recall and smile. At least, that's what Jason Nocera thought. It helped that he's also a full-time cartoonist and can see the "funny" in everyday life. He drew up the personal comic and presented it as a card for his wife on Mother's Day. That's when the idea clicked that everyone has memorable events and situations that can be captured in a comic page. There are a ton of Super Moms and Super Dads! He now works as a cartoonist where he captures other couple's memorable events, emotions and lives in colorful, custom comic strips and full comic pages. He works one-on-one with each person to create a truly unique gift.

Father's Day is a great time to show your spouse that he is a special dad! A custom comic page can highlight the time he spends with his child or children, how he provides for the family, his special interests and his passionate hobbies. Is there a favorite sports team they cheer on together? A favorite book they read together? Something he can't wait to teach his child?

Or perhaps your spouse views himself as a hero! Imagine a story featuring your husband saving you and your child. Again, personal details can be included to make it something personal. Perhaps he plays tennis and now his "super powered" tennis balls and racquet is how he defeats a villain. The possibilities are endless.

As a professional cartoonist, Jason Nocera only needs the details and he will turn it into a personal comic strip or page. It's a gift that will be cherished for a lifetime. Hand-drawn and signed original artwork included! It typically takes 3-4 weeks for completion. Framing is also available for those residing in the US. Right now, he is having an early-bird, Spring Sale for 20% off. Please mention this blog when ordering!

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