Thursday, April 26, 2018

Dennis Savage, Photographer

Greeting cards/photos by
Dennis Savage

The thrill of patterns in photography and design always inspire creativity. Besides that, I love the feel and aesthetics of paper. I know, it’s kind of weird, but I really like paper; wrapping paper, greeting cards, old photos, antique postcards, faded letters, etc. 

The above greeting card is a photo taken by Ohio Arts Council award-winning, Hocking County photographer, Dennis Savage. 

There's a lot going on in this photo. The cat on the post is Cheshire; the guy on the John needs to watch out for snakes, spiders, fake news, and photographers! The perils of living in rural USA. Hmmm… I wonder who the recipient of this greeting card will be... 

Maybe we can collaborate with Dennis for an upcoming book cover. Oh, that's a great idea! Stay tuned.

Find more of Dennis’ beautiful photos at

Find his greeting cards locally at Nelsonville Emporium, Ohio USA. 

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