Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Water Bearer: Southern Skies Collection Book 1 by Wendi Christner

One of the few truly pure and innocent teen love stories!

Water Bearer
Southern Skies Collection Book 1 

Seven years ago, Cassidy accidentally set the fire that killed her parents. Now, she has an opportunity to move away from the tiny farming community she grew up in and leave the ghosts behind. But spending one last summer with Jared, her best friend, means leaving behind more than she ever imagined.

This moving, bittersweet story of everlasting love and forgiveness lingers long beyond the final page. Written by the author of Writer's Digest Short-Short Story Contest winner "Throwing Stones."

About the Author

Wendi Christner is an IAIH Certified Interpersonal Hypnotherapist, award-winning author, mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, unapologetic squirrel feeder, and a host of other nouns.

Most of Wendi's fiction has a Southern tongue born of her roots in the Florida panhandle. Her stories are packed with emotion and usually a fair amount of grit.

Twitter: @WendiDarlin

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