Tuesday, February 14, 2017

No Rest for the Wicked by Vincent Alcaras

“A very well written psychological thriller book for mature readers." 

Nicolas Docrenzov is an ex-con freshly released after serving eight years in Ogdensburg Correctional Facility. Trying to escape the brutal mistake that had landed him in prison, he moves to Los Angeles to begin anew. Shortly after his arrival, he’s offered a job at Venezia, a gentlemen’s club, run by the alluring Isabella Rossi and he starts to believe that fortune is finally starting to turn in his favor. As sparks begin to fly between the ex-con and his boss, Nico is even more hopeful that he will have the life he’s always craved.

Harlan Colter, a determined and oftentimes pig-headed Texan, is a detective with the Los Angeles Police Department. Originally a Texas Ranger, he lost everything, including his marriage, after he was pushed out for not letting sleeping dogs lie. After relocating to Los Angeles, the gruff Texan found his second chance at being a lawman and he’s determined to do what he can to keep his new home safe. No matter the cost Harlan Colter will not be stopped; he will not be deterred.

Neither of these men could have foreseen what would bring them together. Just as Nicolas begins to settle into his life at Venezia, women associated with the club are being brutally, and impossibly, murdered one by one. As the case lands on Colter’s desk, all of the detective’s instincts tell him that somehow Nicolas is at the center o
f these terrible slayings despite the lack of any hard proof.

Despite the lack of evidence indicating Nicolas as the murderer, as the murders and the subsequent investigation unfold it does become apparent that these murders are oddly connected to his past. A past that no one in Los Angeles knows anything about. A past that has caught up to him in ways that he could never have imagined.

Can Nicolas not only prove his innocence, but discover who is perpetrating these terrible murders, and why? Will Detective Colter get his man, and continue protecting his new home? Will either man be able to live their lives on their own terms, or will they continue to be victims of their respective pasts?

About the Author

Vincent writes a darker shade of fiction, not afraid to delve into the grey area of human existence and morality.

Always known for being an observer of the human condition, Vincent expanded this understanding from the what, into the how and why of human nature by obtaining a degree in psychology from SUNY Buffalo. After deciding he wanted to be an author, Vincent used that keen insight to develop stories that hit deep chords within us all and characters that jump off the page.

Those psychological insights are only bolstered by his upbringing. Having been raised in Buffalo living in a home with more first generation Italian immigrants than not, Vincent has developed a world view that is quite different from most. This blend of old school European and contemporary American mindsets shine through in the culturally diverse cast of characters he creates.

An Excerpt...

THE SNOWY PARK in Upstate New York was usually a pristine getaway from the weight of the world. There was a small clearing surrounded by large trees, their evergreen needles providing a beautiful contrast to the blanket of white. A peaceful place to go when you needed to forget your troubles, when all you needed was a little space and a lot of fresh air to clear the mind. On this particular night, however, it was the scene of a bloodbath.
Animalistic roars accented by squeals of anguish and the wet, slapping sound of fists hitting bloody flesh echoed through the still night air. The beating doled out on this night could have been described in a few different ways. Most would call it an unnecessary act of violence. Others might call it bad karma, the payback for a lifetime of preying on the weak. But one man, the one hidden just past the tree line, would call it an opportunity.
His bright, metallic silver hair shone with the light of the moon while his matching eyes were wide with awe. A dark, twisted joy racked his designer-suit- clad body as he watched the violence unfold. The awe lasted only a few moments before a dark intelligence flooded him. You could almost hear the gears in his mind turning.
His eyes scanned to and fro, asking and answering his own questions in milli- seconds, yet not the ones that consumed his mind the most. What had pulled him here? What had triggered that primordial tug he felt on the base of his spine to appear at this location? And just when he thought he would receive no answers, the savage beating reached a surprising crescendo.
In a few moments the anguished squeals of the victim ceased, falling silent as he fell unconscious. Instead of rejoicing, the assailant only roared louder, a new wave of rage and insanity flooding his body as he continued pummeling the seemingly lifeless form even harder. His blood lust would not be sated.
An electric thrill went up the Watchers spine at the sight of beautifully depraved violence. Just then the air got heavy with a thick, oily energy that clung to his skin and flooded his senses, and thats when those two pivotal questions were answered: This was it. This was the one hed been so desperately seeking for centuries upon centuries. Just a few more moments and everything would be sealed.
And then, at the last possible moment, it all ground to a halt. 

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