Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Plug Nickel Cafe by K.D. Parker

“Not your typical romance…”

The Plug Nickel Cafe 
by K.D. Parker  

For fifteen long years ex-rodeo star, Gage Cochran, has been adrift, traveling back and forth between central Texas and Mexico with his horse, Henry, searching for something that might ease the pain that he’s feeling, unaware that he’s been passing right by it all along. That all changes on one stormy day when he stops at a little village called, Rescue. It’s there that Gage meets Dottie Reynolds, a waitress at the Plug Nickel Cafe. Although they don’t know each other, the lonesome cowboy and good-hearted waitress seem to connect immediately, each filling a deep void in the other. After a night where each reveals their deepest secrets—their fears, their loves, and their passions, Gage begins to suspect that he might have finally found what he’s been seeking for so many years. Then, just when everything seems to be going so right… it all turns so terribly, terribly wrong…

K.D. Parker lives in Virginia with his wife and two sons. If you've enjoyed reading his novels, then please help to spread the word on Facebook and Twitter. It would be greatly appreciated. Until next time, happy reading.

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