Monday, November 14, 2016

To the Heart: A poetry Collection - Readers' Favorite Book Review

New! Book Review
Reviewed by Tshombye K. Ware for Readers' Favorite

To the Heart: Monday Road Poetry Volume 1 by Gina McKnight is a collection of well-written, heartfelt poetry written from a heart that understands the art of poetry. I've read many books on poetry. To be honest, poetry is my first love. So I get excited when I read poetry by someone who understands the rhythmic art that comes in the craft. The author is no stranger to poetry and it's evident throughout the book. The creation is warm and endearing. Some of the writings make you think and reflect. The style is unique. I gazed at the poems before reading and simply smiled to see the structure of each poem. I can tell the author didn't just throw some words together in hopes of passing it off as great poetry. I'm also aware the poetry is subjective because it's written from the mind of the writer. But should it be that complicated? No, it shouldn't.

I believe poetry can be complex and appreciative. The author encompasses both in this book. Each word and beat is designed in completion, complementing one another. Poems should be read in one breath. The author has accomplished this as well, which makes this book of poetry stand alone. If you're looking for a book that flows poetically, this is your book. I would recommend this to poetry lovers. They will be more than impressed. I read some of the lines more than once because their creation whispers softly to me. Poetry should go beyond the eye, into the heart, and expand within the body. This book performs that feat easily.

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