Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Henry, Eddie, and Me by C.A. James

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by C.A. James 

A frail, sickly child, an abused, timid dog, and a fearless little field mouse - can they rescue a troubled family?

Danny Ryan was born prematurely, abandoned by his birth parents, and ultimately committed to an orphanage for "the hard to adopt." Danny's frail body, undersized lungs, poor eyesight, severe allergies, and fear of strangers - along with his bright red hair, freckles, and ears at least a size too large for his head - made little Danny particularly hard to adopt. It wasn't, in fact, until he was two years old that - in a truly remarkable encounter - Danny was adopted by a childless couple.

Danny's adoptive parents, in a misguided attempt to protect Danny from the taunts and insults of outsiders, provide him with a life that is shielded from the world. There, Danny pursues his one great passion, the repair of broken household items. His closest companions are Eddie, a timid rescue dog, and Henry, a fearless little field mouse with a truly serious passion for yellow rosebuds.

Despite their well-intended efforts, Danny's parents discover that no one can escape the calamities, misfortunes, and heartbreaks of life. It will be left to a rescue dog and mysterious little field mouse to teach them that feeling sorry for yourself is a terrible waste of time.

Biography: James Ignizio
Thanks for visiting my page. I have three writing careers at the moment – one as a mystery novel writer, one as a writer of inspirational novels, and one as the author of nonfiction books. In my rapidly diminishing spare time; I teach, research, and apply the methods of artificial intelligence, intelligent decision systems, and management science to real-world problems.

Some of the awards for my writing include: The First Hartford Prize (presented by the National Safety Council), the John K Walker, Jr. Award (from the Military Operations Research Society), and an Outdoor Writers Award.

My website, providing more information on published as well as forthcoming books, is:

List of Books by James Ignizio
The Last English Village (2012)
The Dog at the Gate (2015)
Fishy Business
How the wisdom of the angler can help you succeed at work (20th anniversary edition)
Optimizing Factory Performance
Linear Programming (with Tom Cavalier)
Plus eight other nonfiction books
These books are all written under a pen name (C. A. James)
Henry, Eddie and Me (forthcoming, fall of 2016)
Sweetie’s Song: The meadows of Heaven
Frank’s Place

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