Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Desire & Prejudice by Jean-Louis McMillan

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Desire & Prejudice

By Jean-Louis McMillan

In an instant, Adam's life has crumbled. The trauma keeps him awake at night, the pressure squeezing against his lungs, his soul. His life continues on a downward spiral until he's entirely broken. And he doesn’t know how he’ll ever be whole again. Until he meets Jasmine.

He finds her while working as an official for the DGSE—France’s external intelligence agency—in Beirut, Lebanon. Their hearts are jolted back to life at the sight of one another, but their erotic affair is a dangerous one. Jasmine is a woman he cannot have and was never meant to be with.

Her beauty captivates him; her love overwhelms him. Though Jasmine suffers from her own trauma and feels constricted within the confines of her societal role, she too finds temporary healing and freedom in her wild but secret romance with Adam. But for how long can they keep their dangerous love a secret?

Desire & Prejudice
is a sexy love story with a spy thriller twist by one of the most exciting new authors of 2014. Through the story of Adam and Jasmine, first-time author Jean-Louis McMillan uses the classic tale to explore the modern art of lovemaking and the power of redemption.

Does love have the power to overcome prejudice? Can it heal a wounded soul?

*Author’s Note: This is a contemporary love story with sexual content and strong language. Recommended reading age: 18+ 

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Connect with Jean-Louis McMillan…

Desire & Prejudice is a realistic, believable story that readers haven't heard before. Desire & Prejudice is about the healing power of true lovemaking and the damning power of ethnic bias. The poetic letter takes the reader into the minds of two lovers desperately wanting one another. The erotic descriptions are vivid enough, but scarcely the right quantity of description to know precisely what is going on. When Jasmine learns the truth about Adam, it shocks her, and her shock comes as more than a surprise for him. Will love be strong enough to keep them together? 

I loved this book! The author, Jean-Louis McMillan, has created a contemporary romance with some really lovable characters with complicated issues.
First thing I saw/read in this book wasn't table of contents or something like that...It was one of mine favourite quotes (From A.E.), I immediately felt some connection with the Jean-Louis McMillan (Author of this Masterpiece) and continued my reading with his Foreword. 20-40 minutes (didn't have a feeling for time passing) later I was already at 6th chapter of book with my mouth open widely.

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Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

JL McMillan is a retired freelance journalist and first-time author. He was born in Oran on the Mediterranean coast in Algeria, but left Algeria after a restless childhood and settled in Paris, France, where he earned a degree in Philosophy. Now, after a turbulent youth and a career that had thrown him into the heart of the hardest battles in the Middle East, Jean-Louis wanders between the Orient and the Occident. He writes as a means to explore, and to heal. "Desire & Prejudice" is his first book.


Ginger Dawn Harman said...

Oh I am really interested in reading this! I really appreciate how I am hooked by the tease above and not just told what the book is about! Thank you for sharing! Adding this to my bookshelf and Pinterest!

Jean-Louis McMillan said...

Thanks Ginger for your interest.

Grab one NOW, if you can! It's just 99c instead of $4.99
Hope you'll enjoy it, and please, write a review after reading it. It's important to me as a new author.

Hope to hear from you