Friday, July 3, 2015

Deja Vu Boy, A Novel by Tom Myers
July 3 through July 5 download for free!

Deja Vu Boy
A Novel by Tom Myers
Henry is 150 years old—or so he claims. No one believes him, except Spangle Rollins, the young woman who is writing his outlandish tales for publication. Henry has no idea where he came from, or how he ended up in the park where he was found so many years ago. Henry cannot explain anything of substance about his life, his family, or his history—only that he has somehow managed to kill a large number of very bad people and gotten away with it for well over a century. He may be old and tired, but he's not ready to die. Not yet. First, he has to save someone special from becoming a victim of those who want to see her dead. It will happen; he's seen it all before, he's lived it. It's deja vu, once again.
July 3 through July 5 download for free!
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Tom Myers traveled the world in the US Air Force during the Cuban Missile Crisis and the war in Vietnam, which meant landing in many exciting locales--some great, some not, and some almost too exotic to survive. Myers used his GI Bill to graduate from university with a degree in English and History.
Following graduation, and as always looking for excitement, Myers moved to Tehran, Iran to work as an analyst focused on the Middle East. When the Shah of Iran's flag started to droop, Myers returned to the United States to find employment with a major international air carrier, leading to much more travel and excitement.

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Ginger Dawn Harman said...

Thank you so much! I downloaded the book and look forward to reading!