Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Ranch Day Retreat, by Mr. Chuck Wolf

A Ranch Day Retreat: Life improving, productivity enhancing, and leadership enabling concepts guided by the model of horses in nature. Turning it up by tuning in.

Take time out with us as we explore life improving, productivity enhancing, and leadership enabling concepts guided by the model of horses in nature. Turning it up by tuning in. Join us as we take time out to gain direction, to reenergize, to go back into our lives and Persevere, and to be an Active player in our lives. That is the goal of A Ranch Day Retreat.

A Ranch Day Retreat is Equine Guided Leadership Education, with a broad range of take-away goals including:
Productivity Tools
Leadership effectiveness Tools
Creative problem solving Tools
Goal Setting Techniques
Communication Skills
Leadership Strengthening Skills
Work Ethic

Busy executives to home makers and students will benefit by the concepts covered in A Ranch Day Retreat, with real tools they can take back home and to their organizations.

Discover why the model of horses has proven to be such an effective agent for transnational change, and what we have to learn from them including the concepts of: Alignment, Congruence, Coherence, Synchronization, Synchrony, and entertainment.

A Ranch Day Retreat is written for the non-rider, and non-horse person. If you love horses, all the better. We're simply following the advice of Albert Einstein who said: Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.  

Expect the measurable benefits of increased Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in two main areas:  Personal Competence and Social Competence, as well as developing personal skills in Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness and Relationship Management.

Connect with Chuck…

Author of A Ranch Day Retreat, Chuck grew up in the Midwest and the Carolinas. His earliest riding experience was on his grandfather's eighty acre farm in Ohio. His uncle also kept horses on his country ranch and he learned basic horsemanship early. He took lessons at MacNair's Country Acres in Cary, N.C growing up. His father eventually became Executive Vice President of Gainesway Farm in Lexington, KY. (Mr. Gaines was the inventor of the Breeders' Cup, and Gainesway is a preeminent Kentucky breading farm with bloodstock including many Derby Winners). Chuck worked the grounds at the farm, mainly landscaping and tree tending with no prospects of professional horsemanship whatsoever although these days he enjoys riding at Westside Riding School nearly weekly.

He went into Software sales for Internet Start-Ups and in the Fortune 500 where he trained and managed national sales forces. As an entrepreneur he has started and run several businesses. Along the way he has taken the numerous self-development, self-improvement and requisite national-level sales training courses typical in corporate sales. One workshop that impacted him most profoundly was Success: Full Living. A course by a Franciscan fryer, Fr. Justin Belitz. The course has been taught all over the world, and translated into several languages. Chuck became one of the first certified instructors for Success: Full Living, which he has taught privately and at the college level.

He later became President of the Board for Fr. Justin's retreat center in Indianapolis, The Franciscan Hermiatage, where he served for several years. "This priest was teaching meditation, and he personally took a lot of flack for it. I applied it to business and goal setting. I remember wishing I could teach it in a business setting, which would have been absolutely absurd over twenty years ago in the Midwest" recalls Wolf.

"Although things have changed, I'm always interested in seeing businesses adopt and embrace similar practices. When "The Secret" came out and gained such wild popularity I kind of shook my head at the mainstream adoption of the same ideas. It's very interesting to approach the concept wearing a suit, but as a performance and productivity tool, I have yet to see a more fundamentally sound and applicable tool, technique, system, or mechanism than goal setting with a quieted mind...and I have taken an active interest in it ever since."

Ranch Day Retreat is geared toward the non-rider. It's primarily a day of "active relaxation" and time-out, but in a workshop format that provides useful take- aways in the form of tools and techniques that provide lasting benefits. Look for his book, A Ranch Day Retreat on Amazon.

Chuck Wolf lives is in Los Angeles, California and holds a BA in Psychology from Indiana University. 


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