Thursday, March 19, 2015

Equine Wellbeing Friendly First Aid Backpack

Guest Post by Mandy Hall, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom 

Calling to the World Wide Equine Nation:

Having had and been around horses all my life I know the stresses injured horses can cause owners. I know that in some cases time can be the difference in dealing with a serious bleed quickly and efficiently to the possibility of losing the horse. Through my own personal experiences over the years, I have had to deal with injuries sustained from horses being on the yard, to out hacking, to those horses I have that live out in fields 24/7 without any other facilities to hand. I am sure you all know those scenarios!

Over the years I have had a variation of Equine First Aid Kits, ranging from the tool box, the box with its plastic lid, the box with no lid, the carrier bag, the flimsy material bag you put over your shoulder and shreds when it gets wet because it is tipping it down with rain. Why is it with every kit I have had, they have all caused me the same major problems; I can Never find anything unless I near enough tip the whole lot out and I don’t think I have ever had a Clean first aid kit which is definitely not ideal as contaminated items can cause even more harm.

So I made a little light-hearted video which again I am sure you will all relate too this can be seen on my “Kickstarter” project page.

Having scoured the internet trying to find the ideal first aid kit to meet the needs, of what I believe every horse owner would require, it soon became apparent there was nothing. This was the beginning of my journey creating the Equine Wellbeing Friendly First Aid Backpack.

Once I had my drawings and my 3D CAD done of my design, I then got the design registered with the OFFICE FOR HARMONIZATION IN THE INTERNAL MARKET (OHIM)

With supplies now all sourced, my next step is to raise the funding so that the product can go into production. Funding is a big challenge, as being independent Equine Shiatsu Practitioner lots of money is not something I have, so how do I try to raise funding? Well a friend of mine introduced me to “Kickstarter” which is a leading Crowdfunding site. The site allows you to put your project onto a platform whereby anyone can read all about your project and if they like your idea they can pledge money towards your funding in exchange for rewards. Anyone can pledge on your project from anywhere around the world. So having had a good look at the site and the various projects seeking funding I decided to give this way a go. Hey what have you got to lose? This way of trying to fund is all or nothing which means unless I reach my target those who do pledge won’t pay a thing.

So what’s in it for those who pledge money on the EWBM Friendly First Aid Backpack?  

£1 -2 
pledge be inspired at being part of bringing the New Equine Friendly Backpack to life

£100 pledge would give you 1 fully equipped EWBM Friendly First Aid Backpack plus 1 special addition EWBM T-shirt

£200 pledge would give you 2 fully equipped EWBM Friendly First Aid Backpacks plus 2 special additions EWBM T-shirt’s

£300 pledge would give you 3 fully equipped EWBM Friendly First Aid Backpacks plus 3 special edition EWMB T. Shirts plus 1 special edition Sweat Shirt

Each backpack will have a unique number found inside, once you register the number for the new upcoming shop which will be found on the Equine Wellbeing Management webpage you will be entitled to discounts on all the backpack refills so you will never have to refill your kits at cost. 

Of course anyone can pledge under £100 if they desire. If you don’t have a horse but would like to pledge you can always donate your First Aid Backpacks to the many equestrian charities around the world.

I would love to see this product funded by the Equine Nation as this has never been done before. If funding is successful, I would be extremely proud to say in all the media publications that I would promote the product in as well as BETA 2016, stating "The Equine Nation and others where the ones who made the possibility into reality." 

To see the project up and live on "Kickstarter" and make pledges please follow the link:

I have 22 days to go together we can make this happen!
With my sincere gratitude's,

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