Saturday, December 21, 2013

You Are Valued

“A Dream is just a dream if it’s not pursued”

RickyRoberts III is the world class author of YOU, a positive approach to reaching personal goals. Ricky invites you to participate in his GIVE 1 GET 1 campaign as featured in the October 2013 episode of ABC’s Prime Time Special; You are Valued, a program that provides encouragement to those facing challenging circumstances. 

GIVE 1 GET 1 allows you to send an autographed copy of YOU to a youth in need, in return, Ricky will send you an autographed copy...
“I have been inspired by youth I work with to find a way to GIVE copies of my first book, YOU, to as many as I can, out of the 1000's I work with on a yearly basis. Our youth are craving positive influence, in a world where they are getting so much negative ones. I am passionate about inspiring our youth in anyway I can. I created the GIVE 1 GET 1 campaign to GIVE copies of YOU, signed and delivered by me, to at least 100 youth (it will vary depending on the perks people pick), but hopeful more.

I invite you to view the campaign and open your heart up to what you may be called to GIVE to this worthy cause.”

Many Blessings,
Ricky Roberts III

Join Ricky and help thousands of youth reach their potential…

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