Sunday, December 22, 2013

Iron Gait Percherons

 A Christmas Message from friends at
Iron Gait Percherons Draft Horse Rescue

Dear Horse Lover,

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Seasons Greetings from Iron
Gait Percherons (IGP) Draft Horse Rescue. I wanted to again say
thank you so much for your continued support of IGP this year. It is
through a lifetime of education and great love and respect for the
horses that we formed IGP, and we have grown and accomplished so
much in these first few years of operation. Please help us continue to
raise the bar by rescuing, rehabilitating, and adopting out even more
of these "Gentle Giants" in 2014!

These are tough economic times for everyone, which has especially
impacted non-profits like us. Our success is significantly determined
by your generosity, and every little bit counts! No one at IGP
receives a salary and 100% of donations go directly to supporting this
cause. In addition, we have undertaken great efforts to minimize
costs and streamline processes in order to bring the most value and
impact to your donation dollars without affecting the quality of our
care. BUT WE CAN DO SO MUCH MORE! We need to expand our
programs. Your generous donations of any means will not only help
us maintain the daily cost for rescuing, training, and caring for these
magnificent animals, but help us to do so much more. We can't do
this important work without you!

Please take a moment to review our most recent campaign for Junior
Cong and consider donating to help make surgery possible for him.
Global Giving Campaign for Junior Cong This campaign is not only
important for Junior Cong, but also for IGP to be able to expand our
fundraising visibility via the Global Giving programs. Thank you so

For the Horses,
Denise S. Polydor
Founder/Executive Director

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