Monday, April 29, 2013

Best Poems of 2012

World Poetry Movement

Best Poets & Poems of 2012, Vol. 1Featured Poet


moving along the morning path
countless possessions spark my way
breaths of honeysuckle dew
sights of greenery and blues
while the Earth warmly embraces my heart

swallows swoop down with their pointed wings
flying as fast as they can
comrades they are, free falling through air
then swirling just over my head
protecting their nests, feeding their young
nothing compares to my view

moving along, the bees can be seen
dabbing along white clover
fierce they are, to stay in my path
buzzing from flower to flower
dipping and swaying, collecting strong nectar
a bee cosmopolitan in pasture

the meadow spins tales
and reminds me it’s mine
as sunrays greet my way
smiling bright, anxious to tell
how i should start my day

be like the swallows, fervently gracious
busy like bees, humbly ferocious
life is to be lived
nothing else matters….

(c) gmcknight 6/18/12

1 comment:

symphonyforlove said...

beautiful poem filled with inspirational refelctions and deep feelings.My best wishes

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