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Julie Ferris, Equine Artist

From Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Julie Ferris is an award-winning international equine artist, creating art that 'melds photorealism, impressionism, and idealism all into one'....

(c) Julie Ferris

Welcome Julie! 

What was your first experience with horses? 
(c) Julie Ferris

My first experience with horses was with Tennessee Walkers my grandfather purchased for his farm when I was around four years old. Sometimes my mom would ride double with me in the front of the saddle and ever since then I have been attracted to these animals like a magnet. 

What is your favorite breed of horse?

The Andalusian horse has always fascinated me although I have never had the opportunity to ride one. The ancient breed was well known ever since the middle ages and many modern breeds have come from it or have the Andalusian bloodline somewhere in their breed history. From what I have learned, they have versatility, as they are used in many different disciplines and their intelligence serves them well.

Tell me about your art... 

My art deals with anything and everything equine or equestrian related. The horse is the primary focus and from that stems different ideas and concepts. I try to capture the essence of the horse and what it stands for. Through use of color, composition, and all the elements of art I explore different ways I can create a painting that displays the horse in a new light. I strive to create paintings in which the horse feels as if it is living and breathing. Connection is a huge part of my paintings being my own connection and my desire to connect others to these animals even if they have had little or no contact with them. I use traditional and contemporary techniques or concepts to try to create an innovative painting of an animal that has been painted for thousands of years. 

What medium do you use? 

Oils are my primary medium although I am experienced with most others as well. I paint in oils because I find that the richness in the end result and flexibility in working with them is better than any other medium I have used. 

Where are you currently exhibiting? 

Right now I currently have work for sale in a fashion boutique called Fab'rik in Savannah, GA. Recently though, I had some shows at a gallery called Ashmore, also in Savannah. I also exhibited in Lacoste, France at the end of my quarter there this past fall.

Why horses? 

My work is centered around the subject of the horse for many reasons other than my own personal connection and fascination. The horse has such unique and amiable characteristics that no other animals have. Symbolism is a huge part of why I paint these animals. Their beauty, speed, grace, elegance, regality, and wild yet obedient spirit are all attributes that attract me to them. I want people to see my paintings and experience wonder and joy in the subject that is painted. On a purely aesthetic level, I paint horses because they are physically intricate animals where ruggedness and grace are combined majestically into one. I never get tired of painting them which is why I know this is the right focus for me. Each new work is an exciting process and journey where the end result is always rewarding. 

(c) Julie Ferris
Who is your favorite artist?

My favorite artist is Theodore Gericault because of the many accomplished works of art he completed during his brief life, many of them involving the subject of the horse. He had a way of capturing horses' personalities and created obvious moods in his pieces. There is no denial of his love for the animal and in his paintings you can see how careful he paid attention to the details. He knew his subject beyond just their appearance and I believe that is what made his equine paintings so successful.

What are you currently painting? 

I am currently working on three different commissions, one a custom portrait of a horse, one a portrait of a home, and another, a horse related commission for a western art company I am working for. I am also working on a few of my own pieces for my own exploration when I have time.

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