Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Beverly Brady, Equine Massage

Introducing Beverly Brady, an Equine Massage, Rehabilitation and Biomechanics Specialist. From Milan, Indiana, USA, Beverly shares insights to her amazing techniques and naturalistic approach to equine management...

Welcome, Beverly!

What is equine Biomechanics? 
Biomechanics is basically Moving Correctly - according to the skeletal structure of the horse - what is correct for them/comfortable. I teach 'eyeballing' to my students, to see correctness - or Biomechanics.

Does equine massage play a role in equine Biomechanics?
Absolutely, if a horse is sore in one area, it can affect movement there, and also in other areas. So they do not build correctly - ie, if a shoulder is off, that will not build as well as the opposite shoulder and can cause saddle problems. 

It is extremely important to know correctness, or many times after a massage the horse will go right back to how it was.  For example, if a horse is consistently worked in draw reins, the neck will have spasms as well as the shoulders, and he will be locked up in the front, with little to no muscles on the hind end. 

If you don't know this 'scenario' (lion in front, mouse in back) then you won't know to ask if the rider is using draw reins, and to request them to work with you under saddle...and without them - allowing the horse to stretch his neck down and FORWARD and start building the hind end! If they go right back to using the draw reins, the horse's neck will never get better and the massage therapist will get irritated because the horse isn't getting better, and the client tells all her friends that 'massage doesn't work'.

What is the most important factor in choosing a saddle? 
Fit. It must fit your horse. 

What role does a saddle pad play in horse Biomechanics?
The saddle pad should be there to keep the saddle clean, not to make the saddle fit. That would be like buying socks to make your shoes fit. 

What can I do daily to help my horse's balance and coordination?
Learn how to ride correctly-study Biomechanics to get the horse to use himself and build correct muscles. 

What is Kinesiology? 
Muscle testing - being able to test, using muscles to find out what makes the horse stronger/weaker/and finding out what is wrong with them using this technique. 

What techniques do you use to help a horse with an ornery disposition?
Most 'attitude problems' are from pain and soreness, it's very rare to find a horse that is just plain mean.

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Beverly Brady said...

Thanks Gina for your blog about me and my School and Amassage Therapy! The last poster is for Lisa Fry for Reiki-and one of my many students! Many are very successful CESMT's and are doing great work for horses. I am there to mentor them after the class if they need it. My classes are all HANDS ON and full of information that is NEEDED to do this effectively.

Madelene Swinny said...

Beautiful blog! There are so many things I learned from this. Thanks for sharing.

Victoria @ Stable Hands Equine Massage said...

I am one of Bev's students and love her work. Stable Hands Equine Massage