Saturday, May 7, 2022

Vacation Original Art & Story by © Sandra Russell



Original Art & Story by © Sandra Russell

I've been thinking about vacation. The idea of abandoning the daily pendulum, track loop or whatever repeat; pause; repeat responsibilities that sort of eat up your soul has grown and groaned accustomed to, needs a boost of energy. Vacation is an idea that not only is a break from routine behavior and a sense of loss or waste somehow attends that behavior, but that a new point of view can refresh the mind, body, and spirit. A sort of rebirth and a chance to change a couple things that have been missing from your life. That brings me to mention a couple of 'vacationers' I saw this week. One couple I saw (reminds me of a t-shirt I saw when I lived on Nantucket for a few months), it read, "Don't hassle me; I'm local". My advice to vacationers if I were to give any, is this: I get that you spent real life money to visit a 'pink cloud' vacation; where you have great expectations to find life 'interesting', but remember, those living here are not on vacation.  

Sometimes vacationers go a little out of bounds, so be sure you are not taking your position as a privileged one; people you meet are not likely also on vacation; nor are they working for you, in service to you, to expect a tour guide relationship from a friendly face is to ask too much. You are not a private guest but a visitor to an area. To ask directions, or for recommendations for places to see, eat, things to do, is fine, and deserves hospitality in return. We not on pink cloud need to allow the guest to enjoy the bubble, but remember the difference.

I would not say "When in Rome; do as the Roman's do." It's okay to be yourself. Just that I am seeing my position as 'host' rather more as an ambassador of my community. I see your position as much the same for your own community, state, family self-dignity. As we take turns moving from place to place we are remembered for more than just a pair of flip flops, sunglasses and a funky hat, we do stand in for; like it or not, a larger social body. Be cool and have a great vacation.

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