Thursday, February 11, 2021

True Ghost Stories of First Responders By Eve S Evans / R Harrell

True Ghost Stories of First Responders
By Eve S Evans / R Harrell

A delectable variety of REAL paranormal tales you are sure to binge... First responders are those that aid us in our time of need. But have you ever wondered that some of their calls may not be classified as "typical"? Ever wondered what happens when you mix ghosts with dispatchers? How about accident sites? I know I have. That is why this book came to be. After interviewing multiple types of first responders from 911 operators to police to firemen you will read the experiences they cannot quite explain as anything less than "ghostly".

Blurb: My eyes pass over the window where I had first seen the foot and leg of the man who once lived here. From where I was standing it looked like two glowing eyes stared back at the two of us. I reached over and smacked Greg's arm. "Hey, do you see that?" He looks at me then back at the house. "What?" I point to where I'm looking. "There, in the window. It looks like two eyes." His body seems to jerk a little and I know he sees it too. We both stand there for a moment and stare, not sure what else to do.

Available in Paperback and eBook HERE!
About the Author
After residing in two haunted houses in her lifetime, Eve Evans is enthralled with the world of paranormal. She writes ghost stories based on true events. In 2021 she will start releasing numerous paranormal/horror novels of fictional haunted houses.
She is currently co-writing numerous books with author R Harrell and even delving into some fictional urban horror stories.

Check out her podcast for some audio ghost stories. Forever Haunted. And coming soon: The Ghosts That Haunt Me.

Eve also runs the video channel Bone-Chilling Tales.


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