Monday, August 12, 2019

Milliron Monday: Trail Ride II

Abbott "Pete" Smith, D.V.M.
June 16, 1938 - February 22, 2010

A horse never runs so fast as when he has other horses to catch up and outpace.

Welcome to Milliron Monday where every Monday we celebrate the legacy of Pete Smith, D.V.M., and  Milliron: Abbott “Pete” Smith, D.V.M. The Biography (Monday Creek Publishing 2017). A graduate of Colorado State University and a well-known veterinarian in southeast Ohio, Dr. Smith continues to motivate and inspire. 

Welcome to the Milliron Clinic Trail Ride... the headline at the top of the trail ride map, indicating which of the three trails would take riders to the Milliron cabin, where volunteers were busy preparing a feast. 

Last week, I indicated that the Smith family worked hard to prepare for the annual ride; blazing trails, cutting vines/brush along the trails, finally roping off selected trails so riders would be safe. But Dr. Smith was busy vetting, and the event took many volunteers. Jody, Dr. Smith's widow, called me over the weekend and we talked about the people who gave up weeks - even months - of their time to make the ride the best that it could be. 

There were people designated to help with parking, unload horses, help riders find the right trail, fill the wagon with food to take to the cabin, guide those who were lost, rescue those who were totally lost, distribute maps (below), and help those who had tack or other horse-related issues. If it were not for the many volunteers (most of whom were clinic employees or clients), the ride would not have been possible. 

This week, we recognize all the people who made the Milliron Clinic Trail Ride a success for so many years! Hats off to you! Together, with other volunteers, you helped to create a fond memory for so many people. To see photos of the event, visit Milliron's fb page here. If you have a story or photo to share, please do! We appreciate your continued support of Dr. Smith's legacy and the Ohio Valley that he loved.

Do you remember this map? Circa 1998.

Through captivating, powerful, and emotional anecdotes, we celebrate the life of Dr. Abbott P. Smith. His biography takes the reader from smiles to laughter to empathy and tears. Dr. Smith gave us compelling lessons learned from animals; the role animals play in the human condition, the joy of loving an animal, and the awe of their spirituality. A tender and profound look into the life of a skilled veterinarian.

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