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A Cultured Girl: An Interview with Author Terri Mash

A Cultured Girl: An Interview with Author Terri Mash

Ohio writer Terri Mash launched her fist book A Cultured Girl: A Collection of Poems and Short Stories (Monday Creek Publishing) in April of this year. Terri, living in rural Ohio, spends many days on her front porch overlooking her wooded acreage, writing songs and poetry. Terri comes from a long line of musicians. Besides lyrics and poetry, Terri also enjoys painting. She is a good artist, capturing her pets, friends, family, and more…

Welcome, Terri!

GM: What is the premise for your book, A Cultured Girl?
TM: I wanted to pay tribute to my family, and the simple country way of life in those times. I wanted it to send a message of positivity that hard work and determination pay off.

GM: As a new author, have you enjoyed the process from manuscript to paperback book?
TM: Yes, it forced me to open my mind and dig deep and be creative in a new way.  It boosted my self-confidence.

GM: Do you have a favorite poem or short story?  
TM: Yes, a poem, Grandma's Little Cottage. My memories of her are so vivid. She sparked my creativity and spent so much time with us in our younger developing years. She had a profound influence on my life.

GM: Who is your favorite author?
TM: I don't confine myself to a favorite author.  I love to read biographies mostly, and mysteries.

GM: What are you currently reading?
TM: A Remarkable Mother by Jimmy Carter, and Afterlife, My Journey from Incarceration to Freedom by Alice Marie Johnson.

GM: What are you currently writing?
TM: I am working fun little song lyrics, and a short story.

GM: How do you maintain the thoughts and ideas for future stories
TM: I listen very carefully to others and pay close attention to what is going on around me. So often when we talk to others, we are so intent on our response, we miss a lot of what they are saying and feeling. Being a better listener helps me write, because people inspire me.

GM: What advice do you have for novice writers?
TM: Believe in yourself! We are each unique and have a story to tell. When you write your story down and share it with others it becomes a masterpiece. Truth and heartfelt thoughts are the place to start.

GM: List 10 things your fans may not know about you…
TM: 1. I love to fish. I have a lucky straw that helps me catch the big ones.
2. I like to do yoga, especially restorative Zen. It relaxes me.
3. I am 4' 10", I can buy my clothes in the children's department.
4. I still have my troll dolls from childhood.  (This one is scary and hard to admit.)
5. I love the water, swimming and kayaking.
6. All my life I've had dreams that I could fly.
7. I say a prayer of thanks daily for my family and their continued health. I feel very blessed.
8. I don't like to cook but love to eat other people's home cooking.
9. My mother passed away in 1998, she is my guardian angel.
10. I believe I have an inner child that lives within my heart. She inspires me to create. It helps me stay young, because I'm not done yet!

Connect with Terri

Mary Whalen (Terri's sister) and Terri signing books earlier this summer.

Excerpt from A Cultured Girl by Terri Mash

Terri's goat - for real and in art. (c) Terri Mash

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