Saturday, June 23, 2018

Equine Art Studies by Anthony Valentino Robinson

Anthony Valentino Robinson
Equine Art Studies
Special Edition Available in Hard Cover!

Equine Art Studies is a collection of Anthony Valentino Robinson’s horse paintings created over a period of three years. The book also includes summarized demo pages showing paintings in evolution. Twenty-five copies have been signed and notated by Anthony.  The book features thirty-eight of Anthony’s images with captions.

This special edition makes a stunning coffee table book, the perfect gift for any horse/art lover, and a unique edition to your library. You can purchase the book directly from Anthony - $110/US for unsigned copies and $135/US for one of the 25 signed copies. Shipping is included in the price.  You may purchase this book with PayPal using Anthony’s PayPal email:
Or with Anthony’s PayPal link: 

For additional information, contact Anthony…

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