Thursday, May 10, 2018


From the Arc of Appalachia
Announcing an Emergency Land Campaign
Saving Fern Gully in Hocking Hills
Ohio USA

The Arc of Appalachia is announcing a new land campaign: the 80-acre Fern Gully which is a pristine hemlock ravine that flows into 5300-acre Clear Creek Metro Park. The tract is surrounded on three sides by parkland and is one of the last undeveloped tracts in the region.

Project Total: $400,000  Amount Raised on 5/5/18: $152,930
Pledge Deadline: May 31, 2018    Progress: 38%

      Fern Gully is a beautiful hemlock-canopied ravine. Clear Creek Watershed supports 43 species of fern and fern allies, hence the site’s well-deserved name. Saving Fern Gully would result in the protection of over 90% of this crystal clear tributary’s watershed, the 80 acres enclosing the upper half of the stream’s upper watershed.
     Over 100 species of breeding birds have been recorded from the Clear Creek region, including such Ohio rarities as the blue-headed vireo, magnolia warbler, and hermit thrush. Twenty species of warblers breed at Clear Creek - an extremely high number for any Ohio locale.

    If the people of Ohio demonstrate they can save a worthy tract of land by working together, they won’t stop with Fern Gully. Future worthy conservation endeavors could be similarly empowered.

For a full report with campaign details, balances, video and maps: see

For in-depth information, contact:
Rick Perkins, Arc of Appalachia Board Member: 740-703-2717
Brian Blair, Forest Conservancy LLC: 740-332-1025
John Watts, Franklin County Metro Parks: 614-832-3402
Arc of Appalachia Preserve System: 937-365-1935

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