Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The 3 Obstacles: How to identify, overcome, and exploit them by James Ignizio Ph.D.

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The 3 Obstacles: How to identify, overcome, and exploit them   
by James Ignizio Ph.D.    

Are you, your firm, or organization reeling from the aftershocks of yet another failed management fad? Did you know that there are more management and self-help fads than fad diets ... and that their failure, disappointment, and abandonment rates are even worse? Consider, as just one example, the matter of manufacturing management fads. Over the past sixty years more than fifty such fads have been introduced – often with great fanfare – and yet the performance of our nation’s factories, supply chains, and business processes have yet to exhibit any significant – or in particular – sustainable improvement. Nor have the decisions made in company boardrooms, our Ivory Towers, the halls of Congress, or the corridors of the Pentagon been perceptibly enhanced by the introduction of such schemes. Management and self-help schemes address the symptoms of problems when what is needed is to identify and then overcome their causes. Those causes are invariably Unnecessary Complexity, Excessive Variability, and Intellectual Myopia ... The Three Obstacles that must be identified and surmounted if there is to be any possibility of the successful and, in particular, sustainable achievement of one’s goals. This book describes how this may be accomplished.

About the Author

James Ignizio is the author of nineteen books and several hundreds of articles. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Industrial Engineering, a Fellow of the Operational Research Society of Britain, and a Fellow of the World Academy of Productivity Sciences. He is also a Distinguished Alumnus of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Virginia Tech and recipient of the First Hartford Prize. Dr. Ignizio is Founder and Principal of the Institute for Resource Management. Prior to that he served as an Internal Consultant and Staff Scientist at the Intel Corporation, Professor and Chair of Systems Engineering at the University of Virginia, Professor and Chair of Industrial Engineering at the University of Houston, and Professor of Industrial Engineering at Penn State. He has also been a Visiting Professor at the Naval Postgraduate School, the Helsinki School of Economics (now Aalto University School of Business) and the U.S. Army Logistics Management College. In addition, he has held senior management level positions in the U.S. Aerospace industry. Dr. Ignizio has served as both an external and internal consultant to more than 100 firms and his courses in Intelligent Decision Systems and Management Science have been attended by several thousands of individuals over the past three decades. He has also held the position of series editor (in Management Science) for Kluwer-Nijhoff Publishing and has served on the editorial boards of Omega, Journal of Large-Scale Systems, Information and Decision Technologies, Computers and Operations Research, Journal of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis, and the International Series in Operations Research and Management Science. Dr. Ignizio’s primary interest is, and has been for a half-century, that of exploring the vital role provided by means of a holistic approach to decision-making. This book, The Three Obstacles, represents an attempt to present that topic in a readable and yet comprehensive form.

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