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Fred E. Kunkle, Equestrian/Goldenwings Horseshoes

From USA, Fred E. Kunkle is an all-around equestrian as well as the salesman for Goldenwingshorsesoes.com. Fred has a lot of horse history and, as a farrier, knows the importance of good shoes.

Goldenwings are currently in the final phase of prototype testing in the Sonoran Desert to be sure the shoes will exceed the company’s 40 day/40 night 100% money back quality guarantee. Fred says, “This is the most revolutionary new horseshoe in over 2000 years.”

Welcome Fred…

Are Goldenwings for every horse, or just racehorses/Standardbreds?
Goldenwings have been designed for every horse with a rider. We expect them to benefit every horse of every discipline since they are as close to being barefoot as is possible and still provide protection for the hoof capsule. The benefits of Goldenwings…

·       Reduce overall leverage
·       Reduce Stone Bruises
·       Reduce Coffin Bone Injuries
·       Develop Stronger Hoof Walls
·       Increase More Natural weight distribution
·       Increase More Natural Shock Distribution
·       Create an evenly distributed Traction
·       Allow the Frog to perform its job
·       Prevent strain on suspensory ligaments, pasterns, tendons, shins, knees, hocks, stifles, shoulders, hips, and back
·       Reduce or eliminate lameness. Understand, from the hoof to the spine, less strain means fewer injuries and less lameness
·       Allow the hoof to flex according to the terrain
·       Eliminate the heavy steel, aluminum and other heavy unbending material that have been used on the horses’ feet to protect them from man’s intervention in their lives
·       Allow horses to perform with as close to a natural hoof as is possible, and yet, give them protection

Actually we have not tested them specifically on racing Standardbreds. I haven't raced Standardbreds since 2004. I have a Standardbred trainer wishing to try them on his horses as soon the prototype testing has been completed. He's involved with trotters primarily and has pacers occasionally.

Besides improving gait, what makes Goldenwings revolutionary?
Protection for the entire structure of the horse, not just the walls of the hoof capsule, with a light shoe (3+ ounces, little more than the amount trimmed from the hoof to set the shoe) with the ability for speed as well.

What material do you use to manufacture Goldenwings?
We are currently testing materials that duplicate the natural hoof properties.

How long did the research/development take to bring Goldenwings to market?  
We have been cutting, welding, and changing horseshoes since 1986 to improve gait and provide for interference issues with Standardbreds. We really became interested in designing a better horseshoe after problems with horseshoes and Thoroughbreds in 2001. The design trial and error has occurred with them along with cutting and roping horses, and trail horses here in Arizona. 

Can my farrier provide these new shoes, or are they custom made for every horse?
Our plan is to have them available through Farriers, Blacksmiths, Equine and Feed Stores, as well as online directly. Initially they will be available online.

What is the average wear time/reset stage for Goldenwings?
Again, the reason for the final testing, to determine if we can achieve one reset over the stony and rocky terrain here in the desert. If so, this may make them ok for two or more resets over ordinary terrain.

You are a trainer, farrier, racehorse owner, driver, horse expert and more. When was your first encounter with a horse?
On my grandfather's farm at the age of 5-7 with Belgian Horses, riding them, as well as learning how to drive them for his farming use.   

As a trainer, what training methods do you use?
We start slowly, repetition, and gradually increase the work load demand to be sure the horse is ready for the increase to do more, rather than me being ready for more and increase the work load and cause harm or injury to the horse. We let the horse decide when the time is right to get a little more.

And you've frequented the School of Hard Knocks?  
The School of Hard Knocks University provides the education one receives from reading, experimenting, bumping into obstacles, and then finding a way through the obstacle where possible. Many people can get an education from books; go to a University to specifically learn the successful ways to handle the situations within the field they have chosen such as accounting, etc. Both methods are expensive ways to be in the process of learning.   

Do you have advice for (any) horse owner?
Just as with success in life, it has been said, the secret of success is to treat others as you'd wish to be treated. I believe it applies to success with the horse also.

What does horsemanship mean to you?
The knowledge to have a horse perform a discipline to the best of its ability with the use of kindness. 

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