Thursday, June 4, 2015

Designs by Lucie, Custom Artwork

From California USA welcome artist and equestrian Lucie Barry. She is the proprietor of Designs by Lucie, creating magical pieces of art that embrace the essence of horses, cats, dogs, and more. Lucy says…

“Animals, especially dogs and horses are an integral part of my life and I try to show the love and admiration I have for them through my art-work.  They have always captured my heart with their beauty, grace and unique language. Love and respect are earned and cannot be forced or faked. I try to reflect those genuine emotions through my art. I moved here in 1971 and never left, there is no where I would rather be! I love the beaches, weather and people.”

Describe your studio…
My studio is 10 minutes from the beach and 12 minutes from my horse's barn.  It has plenty of morning light.  I usually play up tempo music to help keep me fluid and creative. I always paint in the morning, I feel fresh, inspired and renewed at this time. I listen to the radio and other times a playlist.

What mediums do you use? 
I use a mix of mediums, mostly water based acrylics with some pencil, gold flake, copper, or bronze sparkle to complete that particular painting.  I work from several photos of the pet or animal, so I can get a three dimensional visual in my head before I start.

How long does it take to create a portrait from beginning to end?
Every painting has a life of creation that is uniquely its own. Some take me months and others take only a few hours. It depends of the creature is speaking to me or not. Sometimes I have to wait until the inspiration and creation mix together in the right way so I can express it honestly.

What is the key to capturing a pet on canvas?
I feel that the key to capturing the pet on canvas are the eyes.  They are the mirror to the soul.  When they are correct, the image works.  Next I choose the colors to represent the personality of the animal.

Do you have a favorite painting of your own creation?
I have quite a few favorites…

This is the first one that got me started: I call her “Twinkle"...

 ...and this one makes me smile every time I look at him. This is “Scout”. 

This is my latest commission and I love the smile on his face. This is “Cash”. 

Who is your favorite artist?
I am drawn to art that is vibrant, colorful, unique and high energy. Jackson Pollock is a favorite artist for his intensity, and Andre Drain for his use of colors as in The Turning Road.  I like artists that have intensity, vibrancy, and movement in their work.  I like Van Gogh's The Bedroom. Even though it is a static picture, he created movement and a warm feeling, where there might have been none.  I am also partial to Starry Night.  I enjoy different aspects of many artists and find it difficult to choose a favorite.

What is the best way to connect with you for an original portrait?
If you would like to have a pet or animal painted, please contact me at my website.

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Lucie Barry-Punches said...

Thank you Gina! It was wonderful to work with you and I appreciate the great blog interview

Anne Beggs said...

Lovely and inspiring, TY Lucie Barry-Punches and Gina.

Brent Haywood said...

Great job!! Love the one you painted for us of Diego!!

WILLOWEAR Pet Bandanas said...

Wonderful and inspiring. The painting of Lady you made for us is beautiful!