Saturday, September 20, 2014

Equine Dentistry without Sedation

JeffKlepinger, EDT, Equine Dentist, presents his new video Equine Dentistry without Sedation. As a horse owner, Jeff asked if I would review his new video and share my analysis and recommendations.
The video is very informative and explains a horse’s dental health in detail. Jeff introduces a beautiful compliant Appaloosa, who is willing to serve for this demonstration. Jeff begins with an Introduction, expounding on how to determine when your horse needs a float procedure.

Jeff giving a demonstration at the
Pony Express 4-H Club, Florida
The video consists of the device Jeff uses, two float demonstrations, and a testimonial.

The term float means a rasp/file (also called a float) is used to grind down a horse’s sharp teeth. Jeff explains that caring for your horse’s teeth keeps them healthy and prolongs their life. He continues by explaining that horses have 24 baby teeth (caps) and that they will acquire 36-44 adult teeth.
Jeff continues by demonstrating how to inspect and examine your horse’s teeth. He explains the molar arcade and how teeth sharpen with age, causing chewing problems and more; weight loss, quidding, excessive bit chewing, foul odors, and the list goes on. He describes the incisors and how they work and where to look for trouble. Jeff demonstrates how he uses a speculum (rubber mouth gag) to enter the horse’s mouth - without sedation.

Jeff sticks his entire hand in the Appaloosa’s mouth. He’s a professional, and personally, I do not feel comfortable sticking my hand in my horse’s mouth, and will leave it to professionals, like Jeff.
Ellen Mounds, owner of the beautiful compliant Appaloosa, gives a testimonial of Jeff’s good work, integrity, and knowledge. “Awesome job!” Ellen says, “Jeff is very calm with my horses and I like that approach.”

Equine dental health is extremely important. As with humans, tooth health determines overall wellness. I realize the importance of equine dental health and recommend Jeff’s video for all horse owners!
Great job, Jeff, on explaining horse dentistry and keeping us informed on how to care for our horses! I recommend this video for those wanting to keep their horses in tip-top shape.  To receive a copy of the DVD and learn more about Equine Dentistry Services, visit Jeff's website.

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Christina jameston said...

Being an equine dentist seems like a difficult enough job. I wonder how it works to do work on a horse without sedation. You much have to know how to keep the animal very calm throughout the entire process.