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Realistic Poetry: Delano Johnson

Delano Johnson is the co-proprietor of Realistic Poetry. He is a performance poet and author of several intriguing and inspiring poetry collections. With 5 star reviews and over 700 downloads, Delano’s sensational poetry is quickly becoming the talk of the poetry community!

Welcome Delano! 

At what age did you write your first poem?
I was in middle school when I first began to write sweet, innocent, letters that resembled poetry to girls I liked.  I tried to be as sweet as I could be. I would use the dictionary to find different and new words I thought sounded attractive or pleasant. This is when I first developed my love and passion for words and even writing. Unfortunately, I do not have one of those earlier poems, but I do have the first poem I wrote when I first began to take my writing in a much more serious manner. This poem is entitled, “Who Am I”: 

Who am I!
Who am I!
Who am I!
I am just a figment of your imagination.
My spirit must live,
my birth was only rumored about in ‘87.
Dark nights,
sunny days,
it get’s hard to decipher sincere curses from honest blessings.
My education from the Old and New Testament.
I’m 23 with 0 patience,
I’m on the brink of greatness.
Blind eyes,
I can smell fake-ness.
My poetry is considered flagrant.
Call me a pilgrim,
who wants to follow me to a new nation?
Silent to corrupt conversation.
No more dirty language.
Truth when I speak,
pure honesty,
like morality was a brand new innovation.
Advice from council told me to be careful with who I am acquainted.
I love everybody, and maybe that’s my problem,
but I think,
how can I hate one of Gods creations.
So hate me!
Declare vengeance and concentrate on me.
Search for the secrets that make me weak.
Find the perfect opportunity,
defeat me when I am weak.
I just say a prayer and wait for delegation.
I still have nightmares,
I’m scared to go to sleep.
That’s too much information.
You will never consider this lion weak.
I made loyal friends out of future enemies.
Business mind,
so I entertain it.
Envy is ugly when its endureth from equals with lack of explanation.
I love words,
I start at the roots and learn the basics.
Growing up I lost my role model,
3 letters and a black book gave me inspiration.
I read my history,
so I don’t understand this worlds segregation.
A rebel to what’s cool,
I don’t follow trends,
maybe that’s why I don’t have many friends,
but I know my destination.
I care about salvation,
and I never lied and said I was blameless.
How can you make wrong so shameless?
If you refuse to think,
donate your concentration and remain brainless!
If you refuse to think,
donate your concentration and remain brainless!
Now ask me again,
who am I?
Who am I?
Who am I?
My name,
do I really have to say it?
Who am I?
Can I just say who I'm not?
I'm sorry for the inconvenience,
I never had my father,
my mother told me to go become a man!
She forever let go of her little boys hand,
and I was not defeated.
My grandmother whispered,
she’s going home,
I was left all alone.
I promise I was not comfortable with kicking rolling stones,
and sleeping cold on the cement.
Green leaves and white rocks called my name,
I was searching for achievement.
The street life was misleading,
but the hood lies,
I did not believe it.
I am not a failure brave,
I am not afraid to face my demons.
If you want me to shut up,
kill me,
6 feet,
don’t walk away if you only eye witness bleeding.
Miracles happen,
lyrical inhalation of  poetry,
you will not stop my words from breathing.
I’m against violence and guns,
I have no use for profanity,
I’m in love,
I have a family,
stop looking at me like I’m committing treason.
Call me a punk,
a sellout,
tell me I turned my back,
changed up,
I just look in to the eyes of my children,
and say,
“I have good reasons.”
jail is not an option,
I no longer want to play a gun target,
red or blue,
slave manipulation,
read it.
I don’t owe no explanations,
who am I?
I see victory
and a opportunity to make history.
Think about how many kids together around the world we can reach.
If I have to do it alone,
then I will have to be twice as loud,
and 5 times more bold.
I have to be a hundred percent real,
this world gets dirty,
people are scandalous,
everything is not buttercup sweet.
Play the game and lose,
and you will die or go to prison.
So you can pick the streets,
I choose to uplift and help positively.
Look how easily the youth can relate to me.
A wise man told me before he began to fly,
after you learn,
its time to teach.
the truth is,
success is as easy as  1, 2, 3.
Find something you love,
and pursue it passionately.
Don’t worry about who I am,
or who I'm not,
I am nobody,
but my words are infinity.
Who am I?
Who am I?
Who am I?
not afraid,
but I do no shame,
I have a kind heart,
I’m in love.
It gets deeper with every kiss and every hug.
I’m gentle,
caring and nurturing.
I’m a daddy,
I know I’m young,
but never mind age,
it never properly described me.
I’m a leader,
poetry gives me wings.
In the middle of the summer,
I’m thinking about springs forgotten leaves,
and winters white snow,
I’ve imagined scenes you wouldn’t believe.
I need to slow down,
one of my favorite words is overachieved.
I was homeless at 17,
so I am nothing more than a dream.
Just a vision.
Dedication and discipline.
I am interesting.
but experienced.
I am educated,
I despise ignorant.
I am Black and I love it.
I am fascinating and very strong.
I love to admit when I'm wrong.
Creative, innovative,
my talents amaze me!
I am  make believe,
and I want to be positively everything,
I really hope I’m inspiring,
I am KING!
I can pick a thousand words out this dictionary,
but nothing I found can fully describe me.

Name a favorite poem or two....
My all time favorite poem is “Voyages of Love” by Callie Johnson. This poem means a lot to me and is sentimental to my heart because it is such a powerful poem that uplifts love and marriage. 

Name a few of your favorite poets...
Some of my favorite poets are Lisa D McCraw, Maya Angelou, and Langston Hughes, just to name a few because there are so many. A great poem is a great poem, no matter who writes it, in my opinion. 

What books have you written?
Currently, I have written “Rare Images of Love” and “Live Etah”. I have also written “Sacrifice Lies for Faith”  which has not yet been released yet. 

Do you write poetry for yourself, for others, or for both?
It definitely starts with myself; I enjoy putting my feelings, thoughts or ideas on paper, but I am also aware that when I write I have to keep other people in mind as well. I do not want to ever set a bad example in any way or take on a position that I cannot handle, so, you could say that I write for both myself and others.  

Where do you like to write?
I have a special place in my home that I go to where I am most comfortable when I am writing, that always consist of 4 important components: my laptop, notebook, dictionary, and classical music.   

Do you have a favorite muse or inspiration?
My favorite inspiration will always be my wife and children. I love to write poems that deal with different types of love and life in general. My family is the best inspiration that I can have when it comes to those subjects because I get the opportunity to watch my wife’s and I love grow, while at the same time witnessing my kids grow up and deal with different situations. 

What other talents do you possess? 
I believe that I have a gift and talent when it comes to speaking and communicating. I have always enjoyed presenting speeches and using words not just when it comes to writing, but also when it comes down to actually reciting my work. I find that it comes natural to bring my work to life by performing it with full heartfelt emotion. In addition to this, I also enjoy teaching younger children. I found that growing up, some qualified teachers still just do not connect with the students, despite their educational background, while I have always seemed to have a natural connection with them.  

Do you think poetry is important on a global scale, or just an indulgent hobby?
Poetry definitely has significance on a global scale. It is amazing the masses that you can bring together by just one poets words. Poetry has the power to influence and change the world. Poetry can mend a broken heart, encourage someone to do better, or inspire someone to do something they have always dreamed of. Whatever the case, poetry has the power to impact lives from all over the world! That is the importance of writing period; words have power and are also an excellent form of expression for anyone, artistically. 

Define Realistic Poetry...
Our Motto at Realistic Poetry:

“Words have the power we all seek GO DEEP. Every letter of your life is important.” ~Delano Johnson ~

Realistic Poetry is a new chapter to poetry’s never ending story and is clearly distinguished from any other style of poetry. So, if you are new to who we are and what we do, you are surely in for an undeniable treat! I am almost sure you have probably heard similar sayings before, because as poets and authors, we actually should each have something uniquely different to distinguish us from other writers. We each have something special about us, but Realistic Poetry is much more than a name. My team and I actually sat down to thoroughly sketch out the development of our company. We aim to separate ourselves from the rest, including those who have already stepped out of the “norm” by creating different and new ways to write books, and poetry especially. We have a great appreciation for rhyme, metrical patterns, intense imagery, and enjoy amplifying the usage of exotic fresh words.

Realistic Poetry can also be defined by its unusually intense usage of vibrant energy. This is to ensure that when a new reader decides to read one of our poems, books, or listen to one of our audio recordings, they are guaranteed something original and rousing every time. Whether we are spreading a sincere message of love, or simply entertaining a particular audience, readers will not be let down! After experiencing the effects of a Realistic Poetry composition of ones preferred desired choice, (romance, love, life, education, politics, geography, children, etc.) one could possibly fall in love, or, become lost in the rapture of emotions. One thing is for sure, as a company, we will always maintain the necessary confidence needed to produce quality literary and art work. We trust that diverse organizations and different people from all around the world will give Realistic Poetry a chance to become a new edition to their collection of favorite poets and authors. We pledge to always provide the very best in quality, never lowering our standards and designing every project with utmost excellence and creativity. As a company, and as well as individuals, we value genuine honesty, integrity, and earnest support, but most of all, the team of Realistic Poetry has and maintains an incredible love and adoration for words with a compassionate heart for the happiness of people.

People may wonder, what exactly are the element’s, or, how does someone write a Realistic Poetry inspired poem? Or questions like, is Realistic Poetry only a company of poets and authors working together? This is the million dollar question, which is not a price I am willing to pay at this precise time to avoid business-related complications. Due to copyright infringements and trade marking we are unable to publicly discuss our trademarked secrets. The best thing I can say is that, we will be releasing vital information very soon, because I do dislike withholding information I feel the world deserves to know. So, I can assure everyone that all of your important questions will be addressed very soon! In the mean time, we appreciate your interest in our company and thank you for allowing us to speak to your hearts! As we continue to spread our positive message to the entire world, we hope everyone enjoys who we are as people and also what we do as poets and authors, while welcoming all to join us in this history making journey!  

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