Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Braids & Highlights

As spring teeters, winter reminisces, and summer just a thought, the need to reconfigure swayed; hair revitalization was the only answer. So, along with the advice of my expert hairdresser, I decided to have highlights in my hair. Blonde highlights.

From birth to kindergarten, I was a tow-head. My hair was completely white. A few months in kindergarten, my hair began to change to luminous brown, the color of my mother’s hair. There’s nothing wrong with brown hair; a new color sounded fun. All my friends were getting new hairstyles/colors… deep red, ombre, demi-shades, etc. But, I was the only one who went with blonde highlights. And, since I was a tow-head, the highlights that were suppose to be subtle blonde turned out really blonde! It doesn’t look terribly awful, just that I think I miss my natural color and, like summer, will be happy when it has arrived!

So, in the meantime, my locks grow and I’ve been trying different types of braids and hair configurations. Braiding longer hair is so much easier than fussing with shorter, unmanageable hair. I’ve invested in some really cool clips, scarves, barrettes, ties, etc. It’s really fun to try new accessories!

Here are a few of my favorite accessories. Note, my cowgirl hats are not included, they will be the subject of a future blog post...

Brown Bowler with Feather (Talbots)
Multi-Colored Circle Scarf (Thirty-One)
Lavender Evening Bag (White House Black Market)
Exquisite Gold and Black Weave Wrap (the best barter ever from my favorite person)
Rhinestone Sunglasses (a gift from my sis from Elusive Cowgirl)
Headbands, Clips, etc. (Sam Moon)
Red Bandana (from the recesses of my barn)
Equestrian, Red Velvet Pom-pom, and Purple Burn-Out Scarves (Zulily)
Brown and Yellow Scarf (Pendleton)

Peace & Blessings,

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Lena-Dakota said...

I just discovered your blog and i have to say it's truly amazing! Keep going!

Greetings from Germany x