Saturday, March 22, 2014

Angela T. Roberts

Welcome author Angela Thompson Roberts!

Angela writes about her love for dogs and how to keep your dogs in optimum health! Her guidance will keep you and your dog in top form…

Angela writes…

RaisingDogs with Common Sense is an “instruction manual” full of humor and heart, written for new and experienced dog owners. My goal is to save you money while raising a healthy, happy dog.  

I am not a veterinarian.  However, I do consider myself to be an expert in raising dogs the right way.  I have over 20 years experience in raising dogs from birthday to adoption day, to the day we say goodbye to our canine kids. I’ve learned many lessons the hard way.  I share my “secrets” in hopes of saving YOU much time and money in the long run.  My “common sense” approach includes providing the best nutrition possible, following simple guidelines, spending a few minutes per day to reinforce basic training, and knowing how to handle emergencies.  Many situations can be handled through prevention and by keeping certain items in your home. 

Avoiding illness and injury extends the quality of your dog’s life!  On that note, I don’t hesitate to bounce into my vet’s office if I feel that my dog needs the doctor’s attention.  I advise my readers to establish a good relationship with a vet who exhibits compassion and is willing to respond to your telephone call in the event of an emergency.

My book was published in 2012.  Since then, I have added information for a new printing of Raising Dogs with Common Sense, available now!  I’ve been told repeatedly, “...this book has saved me hundreds of dollars.”  My website serves as an extension of my book, with frequent updates to help dog owners of every breed!  You will find my Table of Contents, video illustrations of certain chapters, testimonials, and more on my website.

I am humbled and thankful to be a part of any effort to help dog owners everywhere!  My next submission will concentrate on NUTRITION, which I consider to be the top priority in raising a healthy dog.  I welcome your questions and comments; my contact information is found on my website.


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Angela said...

Thank you, Gina, for allowing me to introduce myself to your readers. I am in great hopes to be a "regular" on your blog site.

Gina said...

Thanks, Angela, for sharing!