Sunday, October 7, 2012

MaryAnn Myers, Author

Welcome MaryAnn!

MaryAnn writes about what she knows 
and loves - Horses!

Where are you in the world?

Chesterland, Ohio  - the midwest

When did you begin writing?

When my son was a baby. He just turned 32. That's a lifetime! 

What books have you written?

Fiction: Call Me Lydia, Favored to Win - Maple Dale - The Frog, the Wizard, and the Shrew - Maple Dale Revisited - Ellie's Crows - Hannah's Home - Odds on Favorite 

Short stories: 
A Thoroughbred's Dream, A Derby Dream, A Horseman's Dream, and Shipping out in the Morning - are now in a paperback/book of short stories under the title of A Thoroughbred's Dream   

Non-Fiction: For the Love of Horses, which is an anthology of articles written for Yahoo. I am a Yahoo Equestrian Sports Writer

Where do you like to write?

For years, my office used to be in the den. My office was the den! :) But last winter, I had my husband move my desk into the living room. We heat solely with wood, and when writing in the den, two rooms away, it could get a little chilly, not to mention how I would get so involved in what I was writing, that I'd forget to put wood on the fire. I ended up loving it here in the living room, so that's where I am going to be year-round. 

How do you maintain thoughts and ideas?

I honestly don't know. I have to say I don't give that much thought. They are just there. Sometimes there are way too many and get in the way of real life. My mom said even as a child, I had quite an imagination. 

What are you currently writing?

I am working on the third book in the Winning Odds Series. Book one was Favored to Win, Book two was Odds on Favorite. Working title for this one, Winning Odds.

Any suggestions for beginning writers?

Yes, to write about what you care about. What about what you love, about what you hate. Write about what you are passionate about, and be true to your characters. Don't manipulate them to make a point. Let them tell their own story. Get to know your characters. 

Who is your favorite author?

I really don't have a favorite author. I have read many many MANY books by many different authors in my lifetime. I have read many books by specific authors. Off the top of my head I can't think of one in particular that I would single out. 

Tell me about your horses….

We have four horses. Malaki, my Morgan mare with an attitude. Burn & Begone (Burnie) a retired Thoroughbred racehorse and retired broodmare. Johnny C - he's my daughter's horse and a son of Burnie's. He too is a retired Thoroughbred racehorse, and Bo - another retired Thoroughbred racehorse who captured my heart when I wasn't even looking.

I rode my first horse when I was five and lived and breathed horses from that time on. I bought my first horse at the age of 18 and had four by the time I turned 20. As my husband says, the rest is history. 

What is your favorite horse breed?

Thoroughbred. I love the breed. My first horse was a half-Arab, and he was an amazing athlete. I bought a QH mare in foal, bred her back to a Thoroughbred, and that was that. It was Thoroughbreds forever after that. My show horse was a Thoroughbred. My love of Thoroughbreds - their spirit - their size - their attitude - I was smitten indeed. Like many, I ended up at the track and got my trainer's license at the ripe young age of 24, rather young for a "girl" at that time. I was told I was one of the youngest in the country. Malaki, my Morgan mare...that a whole other story. Suffice to say, she's my mare. 

Where do you like to ride?

I'm a schooling rider. I guess I'm too disciplined to take to the trails. I loved cross country, but am a little too old for that. :) I enjoy schooling a horse, indoor arena, outdoor riding area. I like taking to the trails to cool the horse out.

"I just want to write, I just want to ride."
MaryAnn Myers, Sunrise Horse Farm
11872 Chillicothe Road
Chesterland, Ohio 44026


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