Friday, October 12, 2012

Alex Brown, Equine Author

Welcome Alex! 

An author, freelance writer, equestrian and much more, Alex is a world-class equine writer....

Where are you in the world?

I live in Chester County, Pennsylvania, USA, close to the Maryland state line and Fair Hill Training Center.

Tell me about your first encounter with a horse and your current horses...

I have ridden horses all my life. As a kid I was lucky enough to have ponies. I was in the Pony Club, hunted, rode point-to-point races and worked in racing in the U.K. I now gallop horses in the mornings at Fair Hill Training Center as a freelance exercise rider. I have ridden horses for more than forty years!

What is your favorite horse breed? Why?

The Thoroughbred, mostly because it is really all I know. But I also think they make great second career horses, and I have been doing work on helping retire thoroughbreds for second careers. We will have our first Thoroughbred show at Fair Hill at the end of October. It is very exciting!

Where do you like to ride?

Mostly in circles, around the training tracks at Fair Hill. But I do get the opportunity to ride outback at Fair Hill, and it is gorgeous. The best riding within 100 miles in Maryland I am sure!

What books have you published?

Just one; Greatness and Goodness: Barbaro and His Legacy. It is an authorized biography, and Barbaro was a Fair Hill trainee.

 Where do you like to write?

Mostly I write in my house, but now it is more media coverage of horse racing and so forth. I have no ambition to write another book. I really enjoyed the experience of my first, and last, book, but I also find writing to be quite difficult; I will leave authorship to those more suited to it!

How do you maintain thoughts and ideas?

Oddly I get my best thoughts when I am riding at Fair Hill. I find when you are totally switched off from your work, you tend to then have a clear mind, and thoughts follow.

What are you currently writing?

I write about one story a week, but it is for our local newspaper, or a horse racing magazine. It is Freelance work. I also teach Internet Marketing, so I am considering writing some content in that sphere at some point. 

Any advice for new writers?

Follow your passion, be passionate about your subject matter, as well as the opportunity to improve your craft!

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Sharon Jones said...

Hi Gina!

I've nominated you for a Sunshine Award! Stop by my blog and pick it up anytime!

Sharon :)

OneBigMistake, andSome said...

What Alex Brown said about getting is best thoughts while riding made me miss riding even more than I already do. Riding was always my favorite time to retreat deep in my thoughts. Most peaceful experience. I miss it so much. At least, I still have my writing. Great interview