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New! Bandit Finds a Home by J.A. Hall


Children's literature author J.A. Hall was born and raised in Athens County, Ohio. She has a PhD in Communication Studies from Ohio University. She is the owner of Little Meadow Farm, which is a private sanctuary that gives animals of all shapes and sizes forever homes.
Releasing her first children’s book Bandit Finds a Home (Monday Creek Publishing 2020), Hall finds time to talk about her love of animals, writing, and her advice for new writers…

Welcome, J.A.!

GM: What is the premise for your new children's book Bandit Finds a Home?
JAH: The premise of my book is to have an adorable little puppy named Bandit bring young readers out to our farm to see what all the animals are up to. 

GM: How do you maintain thoughts and ideas?
JAH: I am fortunate to live on a farm with many different and delightful animals. Each of these animals have their own personalities and quirkiness. It is the everyday antics of these animals that provides me with the stories that I like to share in my books. 
GM: What are you currently writing?
JAH: I am currently working on the second book in the Bandit series. In the second book Ruby introduces Bandit to the other dogs who live on the farm. There is the older, wiser Chip who likes to chase the tractor in the hayfield. There is the tiny, cautious Willow who likes to lay by the piano when grandmother gets a notion to play. There is the bold and curious Roxy who meets every visitor with a bark and waggy tail. Lastly, there is Diamond who tags along for rides in the Polaris Ranger when it comes time to feed the cows, horses, pigs, sheep, chickens, and other animals on the farm. 
GM: What are you currently reading?
JAH: I am currently enjoying Horse Hooves and Chicken Feet. This is a book on Mexican Folktales. It contains anthology of fifteen folktales that draw on the rich storytelling tradition of Mexico. This book is edited by Neil Philip and illustrated by Jacqueline Mair.
GM: Do you have advice for novice writers and those seeking to find a place in the book market?
JAH: Know your craft. Read other authors' work. Find your own voice and do not get discouraged. 
GM: Tell us about your farm and the characters in your book...
JAH: The farm has been in my family for 93 years. The farm consists of 100-acres that has both pasture and woodlands. When the farm was given to me, I continued farming, but I began rescuing animals in need. Today we have many rescued animals living on the farm. 
The leading character in my book is Bandit. Bandit is a smart and clever puppy that comes to live on a special farm with Netty and her family. On arriving at the farm Bandit is met by a lady dog named Ruby. Ruby decides to take Bandit under her wing to teach him all about the farm. There are lots of animals to meet and greet and Bandit cannot wait to grow bigger and start his adventures. 
Connect with J.A….
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Bandit Finds a Home on Amazon
by J.A. Hall
Illustrated by Karine Makartichan 

Come along with me and follow the adventures of Bandit, a speckled little puppy from the big city. Hold your breath as Bandit tumbles out of Uncle Bill's truck and is almost eaten by a coyote! Be there when Bandit arrives at Little Meadow Farm, his forever home. Meet the old farm dog, Ruby, who teaches Bandit the ways of a country dog. Enjoy the adventure in this first book in a series that will follow Bandit as he grows and learns from many endearing characters.


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