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The South High Horseman: Stories and Poems by a Teen Cowboy

The South High Horseman
Stories and Poems by a Teen Cowboy
Written by Peter Smith
Compiled by Gina McKnight
Illustrations by Kelly Lincoln

Journey to 1956, South High School, Denver, Colorado. In this heartfelt volume of essays, South High teenager Peter Smith writes of cowboys, poachers, horses, rodeos, and much more.
A sincere writer who brings to life his perils on and off horseback.

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Readers’ Favorite 5-Star Review!
Reviewed By Ashley Tetzlaff for Readers’ Favorite

Saddle up and ride the Colorado range as seen through the eyes of Peter Smith’s 1950s High School Essays in The South High Horseman: Stories and Poems by a Teen Cowboy. There are about ten essays and two or three poems written by Peter as well as about twenty comments from friends that were written in his high school year book. The collection was published by family members as a way to remember and honor their father/grandfather after his death in 2010. The tales cover things like breaking in horses, climbing a mountain in winter, hunting wild cats, thoughts on God and religion, and much more! Recommended reading age is for Middle Schoolers and up.

The South High Horseman: Stories and Poems by a Teen Cowboy is a great tribute to a simpler time as seen through the eyes of a high school cowboy. Reading Peter Smith’s work, it is hard to believe he was a high schooler when he wrote these! They reflect the musings of a much more mature mind. Peter’s dry wit and attention to detail make each stand-alone tale something to be amazed at and chuckle over. I felt like I got a very good picture of what being a cowboy in Colorado was like in the 1950s. I felt the bitter cold nights, the joy of scaring off poachers, the exhaustion of riding from sunup to sunset, the satisfaction of a night of deep sleep after a grueling day of work. Very descriptive and enjoyable. I soaked in every word and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m so glad the family published Peter Smith’s writings so we too could enjoy them. Wonderful read!

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