Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Safaris Unlimited (Africa) Ltd: Gordie Church

~ Established 1971 ~
Celebrating 45 Years On Safari

P O Box 24181 - 00502, Nairobi, Kenya
Cell: +254 727 535019

Welcome Gordie Church from Nairobi, Kenya! Mr. Church is a Professional Safari Guide & Horseman. Along with his riding crew, he has one of the best riding adventures in the world!

GM: An amazing adventure to go horseback riding in Africa! What is the best way to book an adventure?
GC: The best way to book an adventure would be to email us at info@safarisunlimited.com

GM: What items will be essential for me to pack for the safari?
GC:  See the list below 

GM: Your videos of safaris are amazing! Your horses look happy and healthy. Tell us about your horses…
GC:  We love our horses; they are part of the family. We typically have between 25-30 horses ranging from a 12-hand pony for Tyga (our daughter) to 16.3 Warmblood cross. We have a variety of mixed breeds all purposely chosen by us to become safari horses. Their breeding consists of South African Boerped, Thoroughbred, Somali pony thoroughbred cross and warmbloods. They live with us at our farm and graze freely on 4,500 acres with all the wildlife. They are totally accustomed to game. We breed our own and have all our young stock coming through. We break them in using natural horsemanship from Parelli to horse whispering. It is always a happy moment watching a guest enjoying a homebred horse whilst on safari. We are lucky enough to have a good reputation in the local horse community for looking after our horses, which in turn means we get offered lovely horses to buy. 

GM: Will I choose my own horse, or will you choose a horse for me?
GC: Once you have completed a detailed riding form we will choose the best horse for you.

GM: Seeing the African landscape and variety of wildlife from horseback must be incredible. What about encounters with lions and other predators?
GC: With over 45 years of experience we are probably the most experienced outfitter that has approached predators and other big game of which we encounter almost daily.  To see a lion from the back of a horse is a very special and unforgettable moment.

GM: Describe a safari day from morning until night...
GC: After a ‘full-monty’ breakfast we ride in a northerly direction, through a gorge looking for leopard, lions and hyenas and out over the Ololituroto plain, scattered with the occasional balanities tree. Exceptional views in every direction on excellent going for the horses.  An excellent opportunity to run along side the plains game. Picnic lunch in the Olomai forest, siesta and a glorious afternoon ride down to the Mara river, with many large pods of hippo and the odd monster crocodile. Dropping into camp for a well deserved cocktail and a hot shower. Followed by canap├ęs by the campfire and a candle lit supper. Off to bed to await the excitement of the noises of the night. Hugging your hot water bottle till morning to be awoken by ‘jambo, jambo’ and a steaming hot coffee or tea to your bedside.

GM: As a seasoned rider and a terrific horseman, what does horsemanship mean to you?
GC: Horsemanship means to me trust, respect, courage and companionship between man and horse. A complete understanding of one another’s ability’s, strengths and weaknesses.

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A SHORT RIDE IN THE MARA : 6 night ride
14 ~ 20 August 2017

10~ 16 January 2018
MASAI MARA RIDE : 8 night ride
22 ~ 30 June 2017

23 June ~ 1 July 2018

Gordie at work.

P O Box 24181 - 00502, Nairobi, Kenya
Cell: +254 727 535019

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