Sunday, April 9, 2017

SaddleBox: A Monthly Box for Horse Lovers!

A Monthly Box for Horse Lovers!

Every month, SaddleBox sends you treats, grooming products, and other fun surprises that your horse will love. But that's not all: every box contains something special for horse owners, too! And a percentage of our profits go to helping abused and abandoned horses. If you're an equine enthusiast, you'll love SaddleBox!

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Each box includes...
Treats and Supplements
Horse Grooming Products
Fun Surprises for Horses
Things for Horse Lovers

How It Works

  •      Sign up (you won't be charged until the 23rd of the month)
  •      Boxes ship once per month, around the 15th (Shipping is FREE!)
  •      Each SaddleBox includes 4 to 6 hand-selected equine products
  •      Items in every box have a retail value of $40 to $100!

Your Subscription Helps Horses in Need!

SaddleBox is a great way to make your horse happy every month, but we know that many neglected horses don't have an owner who cares for them. Our family loves horses, and we decided that a portion of profits from each SaddleBox subscription will go toward helping abused and abandoned horses.

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