Monday, April 24, 2017

Horse and Handler Safety: A Safety Guide for All Equestrians by Patty L. McNutt

Horse and Handler Safety:
A Safety Guide for All Equestrians
by Patty L. McNutt 

Most people agree that the avoidance of horse-related accidents and injuries is prime importance. As a Safety Clinician and Animal Behavior Consultant, Patty L. McNutt presents her wisdom and knowledge of horse and handler safety. Patty writes, "I encourage logic and reasonableness in horse handling. These are major factors in preventing accidents and the handling of an injury once it has occurred."

From Blue Rock, Ohio, Patty L. McNutt is passionate about horses and riders. Find more about Patty and the McNutt Farm II School at

"Equestrian and author Patty McNutt writes an important manual for every horseback rider/owner. McNutt expertly describes in detail the proper way to create a safe riding experience through common sense, handler safety, and proactive thinking. She writes, "Safety is paramount in equestrian activities, whether participating in a local horse show, jumping in the hunt, driving a team, packing into the back country, riding the trails, or just hanging out at the barn." And so true. A must reader for every horse enthusiast and rider; recommended reading." Gina, Riding & Writing

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