Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Happy People Who Heard About Jesus by Abu Hashim

One writer's fantastic depiction of the return of Jesus!

The Happy People That Heard About Jesus!
By Abu Hashim

This is a story about those who are ecstatic about the return of Jesus from heaven, and those who wish he would stay where he is. The leader of the anti-Christ struggles to maintain control of Earth's population while preparing to meet and challenge Jesus.

A fictional story of the chaos that ensues on Earth during the moments of the arrival of the much-anticipated man who could heal a blind man through prayer. The story includes an account from those who love and hate Jesus. The anti-Christ makes an appearance as well as those who fight them. Little children in the story try to understand a complex world they are born into.

Available in eBook here!
Words: 6,870
Language: American English
ISBN: 9781311279637

Abu Hashim is a wake-up artist born in the 1900s but still young enough to have great vision and articulation.

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