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Sharon Ricklin Jones, Author

From USA, Sharon Ricklin Jones is a creative fiction writer, currently finishing final Book 4 edits of her Ravenswynd series; a collection of intriguing characters, heralding landscapes, and unforgettable plots, to be released in December 2013.

A writer of epic fantasy, myth, and romance, Sharon invites you to peruse her novels; enter the world of night, shadows, fangs...

Welcome Sharon!

Have you always wanted to be a writer?
Yes, from as far back as I can remember I wanted to be a writer. I recall reading Little Women and wanting to be just like Jo.  There was a space of time during my high school years when I thought I’d like to be a nurse, but then I found out about all the math classes one has to take in college (yuck). I’d rather write any day than do math!

What is the first book that you remember reading?
I remember the Dick and Jane books in grade school. 

Congratulations on your new book release! Describe the genre, plot, and premise for your series...
My paranormal romance series Ravenswynd is about a college gal who meets up with the man of her dreams, but before she can get to know him, she receives an invitation to a clandestine party – legend has it that the hosts are vampires. Along with her twin sister and best friend, they decide to attend this party, and as you can imagine, their lives will never be the same. Vampires like to change things…

The rest of the series deals with Elizabeth’s life as a vampire…moving to the UK, meeting the rest of the vampire society, and of course, dealing with the evil rogue vampire - always out to destroy her life.

How do you maintain thoughts and ideas?
Notebooks, post-it notes, and loads of scratch pads;  I usually keep a large notebook handy with sections for each major scene or idea, jot down notes and important facts so that I don’t forget names, ages, descriptions of characters, etc.  (Sometimes I even remember to use them).

Are the creative schemes, drama, and events in your series from personal experience, or your own creation?
Both. For Ravenswynd, it started with a vivid dream about (me) being bitten by a vampire! <grin>  The description of my main male character came from a real event at a local mall. I had seen a man with long black hair (from the back) several months prior to starting the book, and then while writing - it hit me - HE WAS the man! 

Now and then an idea will spark while I’m doing some mundane thing around the house, like washing dishes, cooking, or taking a shower. For example, River of Time (a time-travel romance) starts almost exactly with what I was actually doing when the idea came to me – standing at the kitchen sink, rinsing out a hand lotion dispenser.  Once I sit down and start typing, most often, the rest of the story just comes to me.

Please share a paragraph or two to entice readers...
From Ravenswynd Legends (book 1):

Within the darkness came a peace I had never felt before.  No sounds, no tastes, no feelings, or scents.  First, only a dim awareness of myself - my spirit or my soul, my mind or my being, it all felt the same - it was still me.  Then, little by little, all of my memories came back.  I traced my whole life:  from childhood to college, as a movie screen in my mind, I saw everything. And then, (name withheld) came to my mind’s eye.           
Pure, unfathomable feelings of love flowed over me.  I knew he loved me - all of me: my past, my present, and my future.  It was undeniably beautiful.
“Drink, my sweet Elizabeth.  Drink of my élan vital as I have of yours.”  
With the sound of his soft whisper came the realization that I was not dead.  As he cradled my head in his hand, lifting it with a gentle touch, I became aware of his sweet, spicy scent. Something pressed up against my lips and all at once a new aroma filled my senses.  The warm liquid spilled into my mouth.  It was dense and sweet, coating my throat with a velvety smoothness.  It warmed my insides immediately and gave me the sensation of being aware, having life, and waking up for the first time after a long, deep sleep.  I never knew being alive could feel so incredible, so marvelous.  I lifted my hands to his hand, feeling the warmth of his skin as he gripped the goblet.  I pulled his hand closer and tipped the cup up, drinking in more and more of his vital essence, his life force...his blood.

Copyright © 2013 Sharon Ricklin Jones

From River of Time, where you can find Gina’s poem: Choices on page 173...<big grin>

The computer was already on, and Logan sat in front of it after pulling up another chair from the dining room for me.  He asked me exactly where we needed to go first, and without thinking, I said, “Spokane, Washington.”
“And what’s there?” he asked curiously without taking his eyes off the screen.
“My mother,” I explained.  “I’d like to stop and say hi to her before I try to find Brent.”
Logan turned his head toward me and asked, “Do you think that’s a smart idea, Maggie?  What about changing the time-space continuum and all that?”
“What difference does it make?  That’s my plan anyway; to change my future.”  I frowned at him.  “Besides, I think we have to go now.  I remember my mother talking about a visit from me that, until now, made no sense.”  I explained in detail, everything she had said.
“I hope you’re right.  I’d hate to think your actions would cause the world to implode upon itself or something!”  His smile was wide and his dimple deep as he winked at me.
“It’s so strange to think about now.  It’s almost as if time is a giant circle.  Some things we remember doing already and label it déjà vu,” I mused.  “I don’t remember driving from Wisconsin to see my mother before, but in my past, at least according to her, it already happened.”
It was dizzying trying to think this all through; I put a hand on my forehead and closed my eyes for a moment.  Logan clicked on a map of the whole United States and took a pad of paper and a pencil, and started jotting down routes.
“No Google-maps quite yet?”  I asked rhetorically.  “This will be easier in 2010.  Way easier!”  I elbowed him without thinking - trying to be funny.  He peered closely at me and a strange look came over his face.  I immediately sat up straight in the chair and pulled away.
“I don’t bite, Maggie,” he said with a smile.  “You don’t have to be afraid to be yourself with me.”
“It’s just that you make me…”  I paused for a moment.  “Never mind.”  My cheeks burned and I wished I hadn’t opened my mouth at all.
“What?  I make you uncomfortable, don’t I?”  Logan’s face was serious and he leaned back into his seat.  “I think I understand.  You need me to help you get back to your ex-husband, even though he sounds like a schmuck.  I have been nothing but kind and helpful to you, but I’m the one who makes you uncomfortable.  I think you might be a little confused, Maggie.  I’m the good guy.  Try to remember that.”
     Copyright © 2013 Sharon Ricklin Jones

If your book was being made into a movie, do you already have actors in mind for each role? What bands/singers would you put on the soundtrack?
Wow, that’s a hard one.  I’ve never really thought about it…but if the model on my cover of book 4 was an actor, he could definitely play Emrys in Ravenswynd! (Cover reveal coming soon and book should be available by Dec. 1).

As far as music goes, I rarely listen to music while I write since it’s too distracting for me, however, when I wrote my first novel (a contemporary romance currently waiting to be rewritten and edited), I listened to Yanni the entire time, so I suppose I’d like soft, contemporary music playing for that one.  Of course, in Ravenswynd, during the more intense scenes like being kidnapped by a rogue vampire (book 2) or being chased by Vampire Hunters (book 4), I’d like more intense music, like the type I found for the book-trailer video for book 4.  All of my book-trailers can be found on my You-tube channel:

List 10 random facts about yourself….
I stopped dying my hair about 4 years ago and don’t miss it a bit.  
I hate winter, and I live in Wisconsin.
I’m a storyteller who’s afraid of public speaking.
I’m a homebody at heart, but want to see the world.
I love vegetables; yes, even broccoli.
I detest injustice, haters and liars.
I love cats, but am allergic to them.
I said I’d never own a Kindle…but I do. (Christmas gift from DH)
I miss living on a farm/ranch.
I love chocolate - enough said.

Connect with Sharon…

Besides Amazon, all of Sharon’s books are, or will be available at Barnes & Noble, All Romance and Smashwords, as well as several other online ebook stores.

Thank you Sharon for selecting my poem Choices to be included in your new book release! 


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