Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Solstice

Writing today
hot as it is
finding my place
in the hay
saddles racked
ready to ride
passion, drama
seasoned rawhide
horses look on from
their linear stalls
wishing they could
come an sit
an tell me the tales
of their living, that
life is for writing
riding and loving….
@gmcknight 6/20/12


joanRB said...

Hi! I saw you on World Bloggers. You joined also the group I'm in. :-)

Reading this poem, I imagine that you are really sitting on hay stack and enjoying the horses around while they neigh.

Emily Brewer said...

I really enjoy your poetry. You have wonderful word choice. I used to write poetry frequently about fifteen years ago and recently started up again. I hope to reach a point with my poetry where it flows as beautifully as yours and evokes such strong feeling.

I've tagged you for the Liebster blog award, because I really like your blog and it has fewer than 200 followers. For details follow this link

Bev said...

lovely poem. we farm here on the alberta prairie and my daughter is always on horseback or in the barn with her horses.

new follower

Adel said...

Very Nice poem! It goes into my heart instantly!

Zero Dramas

joanRB said...

Hi Gina!

Please visit my blog and read my recent post to the very end. I have something for you. :)