Wednesday, April 18, 2012

AHP Ted Harvey


Author, equestrian and freelance writer, Gina McKnight has written an article titled "Ted Harvey - A Horse Wrangler in an American Tradition". The article has been published in Equine VIP's online magazine.  An excerpt from the article follows:

"It’s 5:00 am in Cody, Wyoming, a couple of hours before sunrise.  Ted Harvey is awake and ready for his first cup of black coffee.  He’ll go through a half pot of coffee before noon.  Ted is a handsome man and a solid buckaroo; a seasoned rancher and wrangler.  He wields the wrangler stride, necessary mustache, Levis that fit in all the right places and a wide smile. He has a solid history of skilled horsemanship, lasting kindness and engaging friendship."

Gina is an author of children’s literature, equine freelance writer, performance poet and member of American Horse Publications, Ohio Arts Council, Outdoor Writers of American, AQHA, to name a few. For more information, visit and

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