Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gerard Keenan, Equine Photographer

Welcome Gerard!

From Ireland, currently residing in London, Gerard Keenan is a world-renowned equine photographer.  His stunning photographs capture the spirit and beauty of horses. His photographs are envied and collected worldwide, including celebrity buyers; his photograph, Horses #5, is displayed in the newly opened Ralph Lauren store in Singapore. 

A winner of international photography awards, including: World Photographic Arts Spider Black & White Award, B&W Magazine USA, and IPA (International Photography Awards) honorary mention, to name a few.  Gerard's work is published worldwide in various photography and art magazines. 

When did you realize you wanted to pursue photography as a career?
I was 21, having always had an interest in Art.   

Your equine photography is stellar.  Why horses? 
I grew up on a farm in Ireland and was always attached to animals, but I found Horses to have an otherworldly quality which is difficult to explain. They have a calming presence and I understand why they are used as therapy with people suffering from mental or physical ailments.
Do you have a favorite breed that you like to photograph? 
I don't really have any particular favorite breed to photograph as I suppose I treat them all equally.   

Any stories of difficult or challenging photo-shoots? 

Most of my shoots go well and the horses are always well behaved!!   

Your favorite horse to photograph?   
I guess I prefer greys and whites as they stand out better with the clouds as a backdrop.   

Do you have any tips for novice photographers? 
Basically you have to have your own signature and it's not wise to copy other photographers work. Follow where your heart goes.   

Do you have a favorite photographer? 
I have too many to mention;  Lewis Baltz, Jean Loup sieff, Eugene Smith, Alexander Rodchenko, to mention but a few.   

Where have you exhibited; any current exhibits in the world? 
I have had no major exhibition as yet, but am hoping to show in London in 2012. 

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