Saturday, January 14, 2012

L Douglas St Ours, Poet

Where are you from?
Baltimore, Maryland...

A fabulous poet, what spark's your poetry?
First any subject and second every reader.

Tell me about any published works...
My publishing is miniscule. A couple of obscure literary journals. I haven't made the effort to publish, avoiding the middle man between me and the reader.

Where do you like to write?
On paper...ha ha. Anywhere there is a table, chair and sufficient light.

Do you wake up in the middle of the night with a poem?
Not entire poems but some very good lines and if I'm lucky memorable stanzas.

How do you maintain thoughts and ideas?
Always keep pen and paper ready everywhere. The easiest thing to forget is an inspiration.

Do you have a favorite poet? 
Anne Sexton, Robert Frost, John Lennon, Charles Bukowski; I recognize my own feelings in their poetry.

Who are you currently reading?
Currently reading no book but always The New Yorker and The New York Times.

Do you have any suggestions for novice poets?
Yes. Don't dwell on writing the poem, rather focus on telling a story; always simpler.

In your opinion, what defines good poetry?
Fearlessness, authenticity, irony and discovering beauty in expressing the right words...oh and self deprecating humor.

Million Mile Sky

From under the trees 
of the shady east
I'm heading for
the truer west
still I'm waiting
at a crossing
on the road
off the tracks
as an engine
pulling freight
splits the scene
each car
a passing blur
like frames
on an
unspooling film
reminding me
I got to get
to where
a thousand
yard train
is just a
two inch line across
a hundred mile desert
under a million mile sky.

May 2010

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