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Denise Lee Branco, Author

Denise Lee Branco is the founder of Strolling Hills Publishing and author of Horse at the Corner Post: Our Divine Journey, which won a silver medal in the 2011 Living Now Book Awards.

Branco's memberships include American Horse Publications, Women's Horse Industry Network and Northern California Publishers and Authors. She has been a featured guest on KAHI Corral - KAHI AM 950 Radio and Speaking of Horses TV, and her book recently received commendable reviews in Northwest Horse Source,Yankee Pedlar,Horses All, and Honest Horses magazines.

Where do you live?

Born and raised on a small cattle ranch, just outside city limits in the small (back then) town of Merced, California.  All kinds of animals made the ranch their home, too; from the typical horses, dogs, and cats to rabbits, chickens, and even a duck who used to waddle behind my bicycle, until he figured out he could take a shortcut on the circular gravel driveway to get ahead of me.  It was wholesome country living at its best in my Portuguese-American family, where most extended family members lived only an hour away.  I feel very blessed to have that type of upbringing.

Tell me about your writing and your book release....

I released my first book, Horse at the Corner Post: Our Divine Journey, in October 2010.  Although writing always seemed the best way for me to express my feelings, my career hadn't taken me down a professional writing path until that time.  In doing research for the book, my parents found stories I had written as a kid about ranch life stored away in boxes that were signed by, "Denise Branco, Author".  I guess it was fate after all. 

Where do you like to write?

On the couch, sitting right between my two cats.  Seeing them content, lounging alongside me, puts me at ease to let the writing flow. 

Do you write everyday?

Sadly, no.  I still have a regular job and most of my extra time this past year has been spent promoting Horse at the Corner Post.  However, I am making an effort in the new year to write every couple of days or so, even if it's just a few sentences.    

How do you maintain ideas and thoughts? 

I'm pretty much old school...still handwrite all my thoughts and ideas on note paper.
What/who is your niche market?

Animal lovers, but horse lovers the most...ages 6 to 96.  I've been incredibly fortunate to receive beautiful feedback from all ages, sharing how my story has touched their heart.  That is what I live for. 

Do you have a favorite author?

Now that I've met so many fellow authors, I couldn't choose a favorite even if I tried.  I love them all.  We support each other and want the best for one another.  That is such a beautiful thing.

What are your writing goals for future endeavors?

I have several ideas for the books I'll write next, but it's the order of them, that's the challenge.  I like writing when it flows, but in the end, I feel I need to let the path unfold before me.  I need to see what direction this book goes, and that will decide which book will be next.  I'm just one of those that believes things happen when they are meant to happen. 

Do you have suggestions for newbie writers?

Join writers organizations and do your homework.  What I mean by that is learn as much about your craft and the industry as you can.  Learn from those who you aspire to be.  But most of all, believe in yourself.  We only have one life to live.  So, go for it!  Write that book now, instead of never and looking back at the end of your life wishing you had.     

Excerpt from Horse at the Corner Post, page 5:  
"It was a year packed with events celebrating the United States of America's Bicentennial.  Freedom '76 slogans briskly swept through America while red, white, and blue trios sparkled across the land.  Old Glory elegantly waved with each subtle breeze.     
American pride--we all had it.  I was a youth and had convinced myself that my collection of commemorative coins and two-dollar bills would, one day, be worth millions.  Instead, I learned that the most valuable things in life have nothing to do with money."    

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