Thursday, November 16, 2023

This Week @ Monday Creek: Hocking Hills Shopping

Judy (proprietor) and staff, Hocking Hills Candle Shop

Hocking Hills Shopping

There are quaint little shops in the Hocking Hills featuring one-of-a-kind handcrafted items of porcelain, wood, and earthy materials. Yesterday, my ideas of shopping in the Hocking Hills exceeded expectations. It was my first time visiting the shops. Me and my bestie met at 9 am for a shopping spree in the Hocking Hills. A gorgeous, sunny day, we began our adventure at Christmas Treasures & Hocking Hills Candle Works.

The cabin off the side of Ilesboro Road seems small from the outside, but when you’re inside, there is much to see. Christmas fills every corner on two levels; large and small nativities, Santas, ornaments, shelf-sitters, knick-knacks, and more. On the right as you enter is a separate room full of artisan candles. The candlemaker was busy melting wax and creating something that smelled heavenly. We oohed and aahed through the room as we opened jars to smell traditional and unique aromas. Finally, I grabbed the chai and balsam candles, thinking Christmas gifts.

The lower level of Christmas Treasures

The candlemaker creating artisan aromas

Our next stop was next door to the Wind Chime Shop, another vintage cabin. It houses the magical sound of windchimes. We found a variety of chimes, from simple to soul-searching sounds that echoed throughout the room. Some of the chimes are handmade locally, while others are made by artisans from around the world.

Spending the morning at these two shops, we were ready to venture back to Logan for lunch. But, we didn’t get too far. Driving Big Pine Road, we found Hocking House, another vintage cabin with a lot of local history and artisan items. Mr. Magdich, the proprietor and artisan, welcomed us and showed us his handmade stepping stones, custom patio, garden sculptures, and porcelain wares. I purchased a porcelain snowflake and Magdich signed and dated it for me. A charming experience, I will certainly visit the Hocking House in the near future.

Arriving to downtown Logan, we had lunch at M&M Diner, then said our goodbyes until we meet again for more fun, laughter, and another shopping spree.

Hocking House, 29580 Big Pine Road, Logan, Ohio USA

Hocking House, 29580 Big Pine Road, Logan, Ohio USA

Hocking House, 29580 Big Pine Road, Logan, Ohio USA

Hocking House, 29580 Big Pine Road, Logan, Ohio USA

Hocking House, 29580 Big Pine Road, Logan, Ohio USA

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