Thursday, October 11, 2018

Shavonda Robinson, Poet and Author

Shavonda Robinson

Uncovered Scars

Burned bridges are unhealed wounds
Underneath the surface that no one wants
To bother until it is realized.

Author Bio
Shavonda Robinson is an author of…
Thy Paintbrush Of Abstracting Images
Hidden Voices Of Abuse For Women All Around The World
Your Worst Nightmare
I am A Free Woman Poems For A Little Girl
Moving Phrases Into Inspiration
Wear Your Purpose Like It's A Fashion Statement
Poems Cries Out Beautiful Songs
Saving Our Youth
Love Scenes
Love Memories In The Rain
She is an award winning, published songwriter and poet.
She has published in many anthologies and magazines.
She has a degree in Creative Writing.
She is the founder of "Creative Something For The Future" an online poetry magazine for upcoming poets and writers.
She has two beautiful children.
She lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

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